21 Cool Concept Designs That Will Bring Back Our Old Memories

While people are trying to guess what Samsung or Apple are going to do next, some prefer to go back to the past to find answers for the future. So here are 21 Cool Concept Designs That Will Bring Back Our Old Memories for inspiration to help inspire your next project.

Nintendo Flex by YJ Yoon

Flex is the redesigned portable gaming console that based on the UX of Nintendo GAME BOY

Nintendo Flex

Winphone 95 by Henrique Perticarati

What if Microsoft had launched a smartphone in 1995? Introducing WinPhone 95, the best smartphone never released.

Winphone 95

Redesign Project_minolta Xl-400n by PDF HAUS

The ultimate goal of the project is in keeping with modern times, to redesign the characteristic of the simple form and unique dial button of a 20th century 8mm film camera.

Redesign Project_minolta Xl-400n

Vhs by Ivan Volkov

Test redshift render engine.

Vhs | Test Redshift

Teleavia Retro Tv by Hogeun Jang

The concept of considering the portability of the 1960s, while still taking a more furniture feels rather than electronic products. Its form is round and a rack is gathered inside. The design has a concept of not only the one object feels that gives interior effect but also the features of TV itself with very similar ratio of its display.

Teleavia Retro Tv

Atari Box by Transparent House

Ataribox is a game console, it wasn’t updated about 2 decades and now this could be the next modern device.

Atari Box

Redesign For ‘Play Station 1’ by Mingyu Kim

I love how this embraced all the elements of the PlayStation brand and evolved the iconic design of the original PlayStation.

Redesign For 'Play Station 1'

Old 16-bit Nes Redesigned by Jav S.

Classic, past, present, modern, future all got mix up!

Old 16-bit Nes Redesigned

Game Boy 1up by Florian Renner

Design concept of a handheld console as a homage to the original Game Boy of 1989.

Game Boy 1up

Nintendo Legends by Spencer Davis

It’s not about the console it’s about the controller. A future vision for Nintendo gaming.

Nintendo Legends

Nvdrs_tape by Stefano Pertegato

Cool concept. Not just the shape, but the limiting the capacity and the way that rewind and fast forward.


I’m Not A Radio Too! by Mehmet Gozetlik

A dose of minimalism and efforts for changing the perception is maybe the simplest definition for Time Tuner – the new generation clock design, developed by Antrepo Design Industry.

I'm Not A Radio Too!

Commodore Run by Florian Renner

A redesign and new concept of the C64 computer of 1982.

Commodore Run

Pal – Cassette Player by Dawn By SJ

The pal cassette player is a new music player that brings back our old memories.

Pal - Cassette Player

Iron Design by myeonghoon lee

Really nice and sophisticated.

Iron Design

Walkie Talkie Smartphone by SEJUNG OH

Realtone 5143 redesign project new style & features.

Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case (Realtone 5143_redesign)

Audio Interface : From Two-way Radio by taegeun Kim

The past is perfectly restored to the current trend.

Audio Interface : From Two-way Radio

Redesign For Kodak Instamatic by PDF HAUS

Redesigned the Pocket Instamatic of Kodak. The instant camera of childhood was an affordable item. Viewing and taking pictures directly through the viewfinder has become a symbol of using the camera. It is a design that incorporates the motif of the gesture into the product.

Redesign For Kodak Instamatic

Sewing.pro by ONURHAN DEMIR

Good looking and well thinking of the sewing machine’s body.


Smart Screen Speaker by c www.h

Really great design, fantastic!

Smart Screen Speaker

Nintendo Super Famigun by Allan Williams

A fictional light-gun designed for the Nintendo Super Famicom, quite possibly the greatest console of all time. Inspired to look more like an industrialised object and less toy-like than the usual light-gun offerings. Built in Fusion 360 and rendered in Cinema 4D using Octane render.

Nintendo Super Famigun

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