Collection Of Book Cover Designs

Book cover is one element that usually caught the most attention of the readers and visual memorization is the strongest one. Without reading the entire book, you could be able to get the concept of the story just by looking at the book cover design. Here are collection of amazing book cover design for inspiration.

45 Beautifully Designed Book Covers

I would imagine that nobody hates the expression don’t judge a book by its cover more than an actual book cover designer. Obviously, the metaphor isn’t really about books – but still, that’s gotta sting a little.


21 Of The Coolest Book Covers This Year

Book cover design is an underappreciated art form, yet it can help make a book. What goes into the thought process, and how do authors, designers, publishers, and marketing people collaborate? What degree of author input is generally solicited, and how do inchoate thoughts get translated into striking covers?


45 Creative & Clever Minimalist Book Cover Designs

A book’s cover has a big job – it has to sell readers in seconds, competing with its bookstore neighbors for attention in a rapidly multiplying field. Sometimes a memorable cover becomes more famous than the book itself. In today’s inspiration post, we bring you a collection of 45 Creative & Clever Minimalist Book Cover Designs.


90 Beautiful Book Cover Design in Different Style

In this post, I compiled a list of beautiful book cover designs created in a lot of different style such as photo-based, typographic, and black & white. Hope this showcase will inspire you in creating your own unique book cover. Get inspired!


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