70 Mind Blowing Dark Photo Manipulations

Dark photo manipulation has something for every shade of your dark mood and demeanor. Below you will find 70 Mind Blowing Dark Photo Manipulations from grimly beautiful women surrounded by crows to figures engrossed in decay and beautiful stagnation. Some pieces are soothing in their depths; some are startling in their grotesqueness.

Grim Evening by michellemonique

Grim Evening

.:SnowWhite Strikes Back:. by Morteque

.:SnowWhite Strikes Back:.

Tres en la noche by ElenaDudina

Tres en la noche

Trapped in the world of the living by Dream-SweetDreams

Trapped in the world of the living

Depression by alnour


Across the Valley by =Senderos-olvidados

Across the Valley

Cherry Bomb by Blackenn

Cherry Bomb

I Sold My Soul by ManiacalHysteriaArt

I Sold My Soul

Embrace me darkness by LuneBleu

Embrace me darkness

The Infection by lady-amarillis

The Infection

T h e C r o w m a N by J-u-d-a-s

T h e C r o w m a N

Moth by Zerj19


Rusty Cage by NikkiNightBloom

Rusty Cage

Face of Melinda by AlexandraVBach

Face of Melinda

Dracula”s Bride Modern Edition by mary-petroff

Draculas Bride Modern Edition

Forever lost by StudioDavis

Forever lost

Lucifer by freaky665


What shall we die for ? by Azdup

What shall we die for ?

Soul Judgement by Pyrogas-Sipo

Soul Judgement

Burning II by =MirellaSantana

Burning II

Bitten and Breathless by =ChisSweetArt

Bitten and Breathless

Butterfl.Eye by =ImaginaryRosse


.:TIME IS UP:. by brethdesign


Face to Face by neverdying

Face to Face

Barber by =BigBad-Red


Life”s Good by PikKatze

Lifes Good

A by ss of a decayed dream LuneBleu


The Pain of Loss by LuizDG

The Pain of Loss

The Dead Girl Epilogue part II by CarinaGrimm

The Dead Girl Epilogue part II

Hecate by mari-na


Halloween”s Sweets by Kryseis-Retouche

Halloweens Sweets

Miracle by LevanaTempest


Infection by EliseEnchanted


The Spectator by Trez-Orb

The Spectator

Silent Decay by =LT-Arts

Silent Decay

Dark Age Rising by whitewinged

Dark Age Rising

The Winter Solstice by =Vam-pyre

The Winter Solstice

The Stygian by JtotheOtotheE

The Stygian

Hellfire by Schiszophrenia


dark passion play by Princess-of-Shadows

dark passion play

Red”s Return by =Phatpuppyart

Reds Return

Incendium by =artorifreedom


Misunderstanding by Drake1024


Ashes to Ashes by elestrial

Ashes to Ashes

Something Calling Me by Iribel

Something Calling Me

DARK SIDE by grohsARTig


Black Swan by conzpiracy

Black Swan

hello kitty by kokoszkaa

hello kitty

009. Rea-ch-archeable by Orhia

009. Rea-ch-archeable

dark apple by LilifIlane

dark apple

The Pokeball of Voldemort by wazzy88

The Pokeball of Voldemort

Tand eld pa dina tankar by kayjensen

Tand eld pa dina tankar

Lost forever by cat-woman-amy

Lost forever

60580 by kubicki


Alice: Madness Returns by LookingGlassArt

Alice: Madness Returns

At Night, my Sadness … by =Send

At Night,  my Sadness ...

A Cold Winter”s Night by Mysterykids

A Cold Winters Night

Full Moon by MariLucia

Full Moon

M e l u s i n e by Corvinerium

M e l u s i n e

Dim by damnengine


.:angel of the night:. by =CreamyMagique

.:angel of the night:.

…La Douleur… by MorbidiaMorthel

...La Douleur...

Mandrake potion for Valentine”s day by LiliaOsipova

Mandrake potion for Valentine

The Witch and the Moon by clair0bscur

The Witch and the Moon

Fata Morgana by Ilona-Nelapsi

Fata Morgana

Alone inside .. by =Ash-3xpired

Alone inside ..

The Belly Dancers by =babsartcreations

The Belly Dancers

Tonight In Hell by 3mmI

Tonight In Hell


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