60 Outstanding Digital Matte Paintings

Matte Painting has the ability to produce an image, either by painting or photo manipulating, working with traditional mediums or digitally, with the intent of creating and image, animation or set extension for movie making purposes where the building or travel to a given location would be impractical due to financial reasons, time schedule, or physical possibilities.

A Matte Painting is composed of a base plate, which can be a photograph or moving footage, and composited images or animations on top of it.
Usually for better integration and ease, base plate moving footages are taken with a still camera, although nowadays with the help of camera tracking software, an image or any other element can be put over the base plate and move with it has it was part of it.Since Matte Paintings intention is to trick the viewer into believing he is seeing real things, a Matte Painting has to be the closer to reality has possible.

Matte paintings are typically for use in films and video games to make scenes and landscapes that would otherwise be impossible or expensive to create as a film set. We’d like to present you with some master matte painters and their stunning art pieces for your admiration and inspiration.

Spaceships Skycity Painting by MartaNael

Spaceships Skycity Painting

The Lair – matte painting – by rblokker

The Lair - matte painting -

Under Dream Skies by infernall

Under Dream Skies

London Rooftops by Raphael-Lacoste

London Rooftops

Mountains by tiger1313


The Sunken Village by ChristianGerth

The Sunken Village

Skyrim Fantasy Ruins by AlexRuizArt

Skyrim Fantasy Ruins

Environment: Deadwood by inetgrafx

Environment: Deadwood

under construction.. matte exp by uAe-Designer

under construction.. matte exp

S3 XII – SteamPunk IceCream by aiiven

S3 XII - SteamPunk IceCream

And The Giant Awoke – Selfpor. by GiuseppeParisi

And The Giant Awoke - Selfpor.

Venetian Dream by bdbros

Venetian Dream

time to feed the horses by Griffinfly

time to feed the horses

Underneath by elreviae


Sunset on Ba by lon Raphael-Lacoste

Sunset on Ba

Castle matte painting by rebekahlynn

Castle matte painting

Sailing over the beams by Shue13

Sailing over the beams

Skyhigh by tigaer


The last chance by Skema9

The last chance

Song of Storms by kire1987

Song of Storms

Massive destruction by Dekus

Massive destruction

The Day After The End v2 by samborek

The Day After The End v2

When I woke up last night… by memod

When I woke up last night...

Force of Nature by priteeboy

Force of Nature

The Observer by Camille-Besneville

The Observer

The Lost Kingdom by Eireen

The Lost Kingdom

Messiah Valley by Grimdar

Messiah Valley

Lake Town – The Hobbit by NateHallinanArt

Lake Town - The Hobbit

Homeworld Ordalla by z-design

Homeworld Ordalla

Entering in New Hell by DesignSpartan

Entering in New Hell

Black House by =RoxRio

Black House

Don”t call me atm – Painting by fox-orian

Dont call me atm - Painting

Tidal by Homeboy-sparten


The Kingdom of the High Lords by AnthonyDevine

The Kingdom of the High Lords

Caution by ThibaultFischer


I Belong Here by Baro

I Belong Here

Forgotten Places by DjMart

Forgotten Places

Jaguar Moon by Brukhar

Jaguar Moon

Pietus by Nameless-Designer


Next Generation of New York by Stefan1502

Next Generation of New York

Longing by Zerj19


Lost by kerembeyit


Raving Rabbids Travel In Time by jermilex

Raving Rabbids Travel In Time

The Siphon by fmacmanus

The Siphon

seconds before disaster by rue-different

seconds before disaster

The forest pond by =ForestGirl

The forest pond

Lost Paradise – Final Step by NatMonney

Lost Paradise - Final Step

.ancient.tree. by noah-kh


Sky Driving by Aeoll

Sky Driving

Lilikoi by Not1me


The forgotten land by night-fate

The forgotten land

Hellsing- No Place Like London by Kuro-neko-chan

Hellsing- No Place Like London

TITANIC by osorioartist


The Dragon Tamer by deligaris

The Dragon Tamer

Ebitarnor by taenaron


2098 by bloodyslash


Gliese 581 g by =KarimFakhoury

Gliese 581 g

Castle in the mountains by translucid

Castle in the mountains

Megan by DanHowardArt


By the gates of Usher by =TRiGGER80

By the gates of Usher

Hidden City by =AndyGarcia666

Hidden City


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