50 Creative Blog Layout Designs

We know blog design matters in order to make a good first impression. Designers spend a lot of time and energy trying to come up with a good blog layout. Layout is of paramount importance and every designer wants to present it in the most useful and intuitive way. So whether you are launching a new blog or just looking for the latest blog design trends, here are 50 Creative Blog Layout Designs you can use to gather some inspiration for designing the perfect blog for your readers.

Ellie Baygulov Blog by Andrew Baygulov

Ellie Baygulov Blog

NOIA – Blog by Pijus Aleksandravicius

NOIA - Blog

Sidecar Coming Soon by Joshua Krohn

Sidecar Coming Soon

DSX Technology by Cuberto

DSX Technology

Verse-co – Exploration by Nguyen Le

Verse-co – Exploration

Hilgart Blog by Ruslan Siiz

Hilgart Blog

Styledc / models agency by Outcrowd

Styledc / models agency

T-J Editorial Blog Article Preview Page by Zhenya Rynzhuk

T-J Editorial Blog Article Preview Page

Hidden Onions Article Page by Nguyen Le

Hidden Onions Article Page

Travel Blog Exploration by Johar Wahyu Ngudiono

Travel Blog Exploration

More Typography Exploration by Joshua Krohn

More Typography Exploration

The Grid by Gabe Becker

The Grid

Why you shouldn’t rush branding by Focus Lab

Why you shouldn't rush branding

In Focus Header Panel by Thomas McKay

In Focus Header Panel

Qulture Rocks Blog Detail Page by Alex Banaga

Qulture Rocks Blog Detail Page

FreightHub – Blog by Piotr Kazmierczak

FreightHub - Blog

Bruler article by Helena Stretovych

Brûler article

Women’s Fall Fashion – Web Version by Gabe Becker

Women's Fall Fashion  - Web Version

Japan by Tran Mau Tri Tam


Wyeworks Blog by Corey Haggard

Wyeworks Blog

Travel Blog by Yassar

Travel Blog

Blog Article Explore by Ishtiaq Khan Parag

Blog Article Explore

Sidecar Typography by Joshua Krohn

Sidecar Typography

Outside Magazine Homepage by Jason Kirtley

Outside Magazine Homepage

Blog App. by Yi Li

Blog App.

Blog Minimal interior design by Beasty

Blog Minimal interior design

Blog Concept by Kyle McDowell

Blog Concept

Serverless Blog by Alex Sailer

Serverless Blog

Hiker’s Journal – Travel by Alim Maasoglu

Hiker's Journal - Travel

Emilo Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Broklin Onjei

Emilo Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Video stock website by Yi Li

Video stock website - Club

ZX Lifestyle by Nikola Uzunov

ZX Lifestyle - Magazine / Blog Webpage Concept

Wired.com Article by Jonathan Vuijk

Wired.com Article

Magazine Blog Layout by Hrvoje Grubisic

Magazine Blog Layout

Medium Blog by Andrew Baygulov

Medium Blog

Daily Ui Challenge by Andrea Hock

Daily Ui Challenge 035 - Blog Post

The HoneyPot Article Page Design by Zhenya Rynzhuk

The HoneyPot Article Page Design

NY Times – Category Page by Faria

NY Times - Category Page

Ueno News : Detail page by Romain Briaux

Ueno News : Detail page

Exploration | Article Website Homepage by Dwinawan

#Exploration | Article Website Homepage

ESPN Fantasy Football | Exploration by Steven Hanley

ESPN Fantasy Football | Exploration

The Big Landscape by tubik

The Big Landscape

Stories by Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski


Meditation app blog post by Illia Strikhar

Meditation app blog post

Trivia — Serif Typeface by Hrvoje Grubisic

Trivia — Serif Typeface

Diabase Blog WIP2 by Kalman Magyari

Diabase Blog WIP2

Cold Water Blog by Tom Rich

Cold Water Blog

V7.1.2 Website Typography 2 by Helen Tran

V7.1.2 Website Typography 2

Editorial Design – Article by Julien Pianetti

Editorial Design - Article

Photo Blog by spovv

Photo Blog


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