50 Amazing Examples Of High Speed Water Drop Photography

High speed photography is a type of photography where photos are taken of very fast moving objects. It’s the opposite of time-lapse photography. Any set of photographs captured by a camera capable of 128 frames per second or greater, and of at least three consecutive frames is considered high speed photography. Water drops are a popular subject of high speed photography. Today we will show you some examples of these “moments in time”… high speed images captured in their special beauty, something that your eye can not see every day in such a detail.

The very rare water mushroom by kees straver

The very rare water mushroom – Orange period.

Flying Milk by Chaval Brasil

Flying Milk

Love is in the water by AHMED…

Love is in the water

Happy birthday Daddy ! by Sylvain_Latouche

Fri, Aug 6th - Happy birthday Daddy !

I don”t want to .. by MayJ

I dont want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it.

purple splash by andi.vs.zf

purple splash

flower drop by SICOdent

flower drop[EXPLORED][1st position on 14.04.2011]

The Takeoff by *Corrie*

The Takeoff

Blue Air by Marc A. Sporys

Blue Air

* Lydia * by Julian Evil 

high water photography

H 2 Oh!? by laszlo-photo

H 2 Oh!?

Blue & Yellow does make a Green Splash by keithtrueman

Blue & Yellow does make a Green Splash

Another high speed try by Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Another high speed try

Ruby crown by Luĭs Eduardo

Ruby crown

Happy Face by Jοey

Happy Face

C r y s t a l drop by Faisal | Photography

C r y s t a l drop

Splash! by James Neeley


Halo by Drippy2009


Green drop by Jens Erik Mikkelsen

Green drop

Splash (Water Drop) by Marcos Pellegrim

Splash (Water Drop)

Sapphire Crown by Abhishek \m/

Sapphire Crown (Explored)

Zen Water by darkpatator

Zen Water

Four Color Crown #7512 © 2012 – Jim Kramer by IR Cincy Jim (Liquids-in-Motion)

Four Color Crown #7512 © 2012 - Jim Kramer

Double Headed Arrow by Scottypics034

Double Headed Arrow

Kiwi Splash No. 1 by Vicco Gallo

Kiwi Splash No. 1

enjoy coke by Drews Designs

enjoy coke

Happy Hour by Dan. D.

Happy Hour

Thirsty Hand by Karim Iliya Photography

Thirsty Hand

FreeZinG mY DanCe by Essa Al-Sheikh – @Bo3awas

FreeZinG mY DanCe

Yellow on Black by JoshFancher

Yellow on Black

playing with water 15 by wester

playing with water 15

Splash by Rune T


Kiwi splash I by pascalbovet.com

Kiwi splash I

Hovering bowl by keith2874

Hovering bowl

Fly Finale by Pensans

Fly Finale

Red Splash by shrike1964

Red Splash

Untitled by C a f r i n e


Floating Magenta Splodge! by AshMashMash

Floating Magenta Splodge!

Water Mesh by otas32

Water Mesh

Litchi by takingPictures1


Joker by François Dorothé


Summer splash by k4♥wea

Summer splash

Through the Looking Glass by markwesterman

Through the Looking Glass

reaching for new heights ! by Minghua Nie

¡ reaching for new heights !

Fish Bowl by Fir..

Fish Bowl

Solid Surface 9 by Photojc-uk

Solid Surface 9

Gripping ~ Explored by Edward Horsford

Gripping ~ Explored

Strawberry splash by david.kittos

Strawberry splash

Splash! by Scartist


color drop explosion by Tobias Bräuning

color drop explosion

Splash of Color by Charlie Pfeifler Photography

Splash of Color

Pop! by Ryan Taylor Photography


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