45 Spectacular Sky Photographs

For a photographer, the sky is always beautiful and never an “empty” space. The only thing needed is a good vision over things and some adequate equipment. If it’s sunny, birds in flight, kites and hot air balloons make beautiful shots. If it’s stormy, chances are high to catch a majestic lightning. Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful, no matter what and at night there’s nothing more beautiful than a clear starry sky or some colorful fireworks. This collection of Sky photography features stunning skies, dynamic clouds, and bright colors which showcases the beauty that is the sky.

Serenity by thrumyeye


Cosmic Ray by OctoberLife

Cosmic Ray

Happy Ending. .. by light-from-Emirates

Happy Ending. ..

Lunar Eclipse 16th of June by Greg-Gibbs

Lunar Eclipse 16th of June

Third Time”s The Charm by JacquelineBarkla

Third Time

Day 363 by billyunderscorebwa

Day 363

Shooting star and sea of clouds by PierreRodriguez

Shooting star and sea of clouds

A Fluffy Dream by oO-Rein-Oo

A Fluffy Dream

Trees and sky by KariLiimatainen

Trees and sky

Euphoria II by IsacGoulart

Euphoria II

.:Burning Sky:. by =WhiteSpiritWolf

.:Burning Sky:.

Cam by Startrails drtongs


Last Moment by =IvanAndreevich

Last Moment

Midnight”s Matterhorn by Arafinwearcamenel


When You Face The End Alone by JustinDeRosa

When You Face The End Alone

The Way to Heaven by mebilia

The Way to Heaven

Araucaria sunset by =HMFS

Araucaria sunset

You raise me up by inconceivablee

You raise me up

the new frontier by EXITmuzic

the new frontier

Radiance by =tubbums32


the search for meaning 6 by KanutoX

the search for meaning 6

Ground Strike by !Zsophia

Ground Strike

Stellify by AndyMumford


burning sky by Orwald

burning sky

Widefield Orion by insomniaworks

Widefield Orion

Each And Every Day Is A Bonus by ld356sc

Each And Every Day Is A Bonus

Oh Seraphine… by JanneO

Oh Seraphine...

Sweet Return by =Hunter-Arkaman

Sweet Return

Aurora Reflections at Mjelle by SindreAHN

Aurora Reflections at Mjelle

Alnmouth Sunset by newcastlemale

Alnmouth Sunset

Rainbow colours lie above us. by HQheart

Rainbow colours lie above us.

GAME OVER by PatrickRuegheimer


a new adventure by kaandamn

a new adventure

Epic Cumulonimbus by drewyboy

Epic Cumulonimbus

Effulgence by =vik1067


Black swan by Latyrx

Black swan

Barito River by =randyrakhmadany

Barito River

Fascination of nature by malaladanila

Fascination of nature

End of Days by Leucareth

End of Days

Revelations… by georgeparis


Easy by catch—22


until the end by augenweide

until the end

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