40 Spectacular Graffiti Arts

Graffiti is an act of artistic expression for designers and artists to be able to showcase their work and even deliver a political message on public walls. It can be created through the use of spray paint, car paint, crayons, permanent ink and etching.

One common objection is that graffiti is not art because it is vandalism and hence a criminal act. While it is true that it can be vandalism and a criminal act, these facts would not seem to have a bearing on its status of being art. The mere fact that something is illegal or classified as vandalism hardly seems sufficient to make something fall outside of the realm of art. After all, imagine a state in which music was a criminal act and labeled as a vandalism of the public sound space. It would hardly follow that music would thus cease to be art. As such, this objection fails.

Lucy in the sky graffiti by tintanaveia

Lucy in the sky graffiti

PORTAL by shepa


Doodle by SimplySaraArt


feat Saturno Ags by TurkesART

feat Saturno Ags

Chalk Walk Time by jpfizzle94

Chalk Walk Time

8bit burner by smarty-mcsly

8bit burner

Rise Up by rayyzer

Rise Up

Alphabetical by Shyne1


pain!!!!! by rplate1


Great Guys by justcobe

Great Guys

Croft Fossil by andycouncil

Croft Fossil

Creature Box by bims seizou

Creature Box

Broken Wall by Atoook

Broken Wall

Kimball Arts Festival – Chalk Art 2012 by sugarpoultry

Kimball Arts Festival - Chalk Art 2012

Emotions by targetll




Houndstooth Peacock by masonfetzer

Houndstooth Peacock

Said – Locatelli – Smates by smates

Said - Locatelli - Smates

spectrum by uconique


CStyle.BioMorph0411-FINAL by c0nr4d


Shinda by stenDUC


Sweet tongue by NataliaRak

Sweet tongue

fish by STR-ONE


Splash !!! by Jankowitch

Splash !!!

water water water by dem125

water water water

movimento by nickalive


BowlToBeATrail2012 by toto2312


6 by bosh3


esteo transformerss by esteo

esteo transformerss

big yellow by pagR

big yellow

Think critically or die tryin” by stelaone

Think critically or die tryin

Safe the Red Breast by flakyou

Safe the Red Breast

Negra melancola by muniart

Negra melancola

Huge pedestrian tunnel Project by MUCK-ONE

Huge pedestrian tunnel Project

back to the moleskine by NilesRockwell

back to the moleskine

KAZILLA mural at Tobacco Road by kazilla

KAZILLA mural at Tobacco Road

"Paint Wasteland" by Viper627

"Paint Wasteland"

desanyirmibir by desan21


"Tiket" Battle by sevasone

"Tiket" Battle

seattle by opek-one


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