40 Excellent Infrared Photography Examples

For the human eye, the lowest visible wavelengths are red light measuring about 700 nanometers (nm). Below that, infrared radiation runs from about 750nm down to 1mm. When photographed in this part of the spectrum, leaves and grass glow with energy, as if the entire natural world is lined with fiber optics. Skin is luminous and perfect, like alabaster. Infrared photography gives you an inhuman view of the world, and it’s a beautiful one.

This article presents 25 awesome examples of triptych photography. All images are linked to their sources, which you are encouraged to visit. Other work of the photographers we have featured here is certainly worth discovering as well. Please notice that some images are available as prints as well.

Perdikas Lake by Sakis Dazanis

Perdikas Lake

Ice world by Virgonc

Ice world

Parque Marinha do Brasil by Omar Junior

Parque Marinha do Brasil (Infravermelho)

Not your ordinary cruciferous vegetable by thescatteredimage

Not your ordinary cruciferous vegetable

The Winter Solstice at Midnight in a Perfect World by darth_bayne

The Winter Solstice at Midnight in a Perfect World

Standing Out From The Crowd by Meljoe San Diego

Standing Out From The Crowd [Explore Front Page]

Calm before the Storm by McSnowHammer

Calm before the Storm

Reflets IRréels by ? David.Keochkerian ?

Reflets IRréels! {EXPLORED}

Pasir Ris Park by Dannie Tj

Pasir Ris Park

Summer at the Lakes II by Steve Castle

Summer at the Lakes II

Trees in morning light by Frank Brauner

Trees in morning light

Worlds other than these… , 240 seconds by Zeb Andrews

Worlds other than these... , 240 seconds

her world by zachstern

her world

Burnside Bridge in IR by eye of wally

Burnside Bridge in IR

a winter summer by mike.irwin

a winter summer (infrared)

Dead Wood Walking by geckonia

Dead Wood Walking

A Better Day by Orange Bread

A Better Day

Stow Lake by ec808x

Stow Lake

opposite sides by camil tulcan

opposite sides

Bodenham; Alternate Version by CraigMarston

Bodenham; Alternate Version

Another Long Exposure by i.rashid007

Another Long Exposure !!!  Ferrybridge coal fired power station, Yorkshire, UK

Boathouse by masheded


LIMBO : 14 by TommyOshima

LIMBO : 14

Bucky”s dream by IrenaS

Buckys dream

Untitled by d3sign


Quondam by Kent Mercurio


PULP ART BOOK by Neil Krug


Untitled by `Vorfas


White Christmas Tree by Ronald Suello™

White Christmas Tree

Summer Flowers by Ethan Killian Photography

Summer Flowers

heaven by Bruna Marchioro


blue ir by davedeluria

blue ir

Peaceful River by AustinTX

Peaceful River

Going Places by Mr Lunatic Fringe

Going Places

Furious sky by Velvet G

Furious sky

Hays-Pond by kirwinj


Reflection IR by Steve Collin

Reflection IR

Across The Lake by andrewhefter

Across The Lake

Menlo Castle Infrared by Mark Grealish

Menlo Castle Infrared (Alternate)

river in heaven by oceanT

river in heaven

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