40 Amazing Video Game Character Concept Art

A concept artist is someone who generates original ideas and communicates them visually. They must create the style and feel for characters, environments and objects. This can be in the form of fantasy worlds and characters which could never exist, or perhaps architecture and design which can potentially be created for real. Concept art can be very expressive and abstract, not just realistic. The approach used is whichever the artist feels most suitable to get the idea across and the intended feel and style for the artwork. Check out these 40 inspiring examples of video game concept art created by some of the talented concept artist and illustrators.

Achilles Concept Art by Marta de Andrés

Achilles Concept Art

Magica by Norah


Drogon by Christopher Burdett


Cradle-Song: Anna Vitayev by Doomfest

Cradle-Song: Anna Vitayev

Skull Harley by Cu.El

-+ Skull Harley +-

Hero of Sparta by Arnaud SIMON-LAFOREST

Hero of Sparta

Lily – Fallen Angel by din

Lily - Fallen Angel

Werewolf Warrior by Mauricio Herrera

Werewolf Warrior

Beach Demon by xa-xa-xa

Beach Demon

Amazon Scout by daarken

Amazon Scout

Marian Monday by Asher Dumonchelle

Marian Monday

Kaorihime Wallpaper by redjuice999

Kaorihime Wallpaper

Winter Class Concepts by Drake Tsui

Winter Class Concepts

Breaking Equilibrium by 長月 翔

Breaking Equilibrium

Black Rider by Paul

Black Rider

Goth Witch by HELMUTTT

Goth Witch

Amalur – The Gnomes by Devon Cady-Lee

Amalur - The Gnomes

Goddess of Light by Ksenia Yakushina

Goddess of Light

Hero Knight by Rusty001

Hero Knight

Magos Xenologist by ning

Magos Xenologist

Rusalka by Daniel Kordek


Boss Battle by stevegoad

Boss Battle

Machine Gunner by Marcus Lindgren

Machine Gunner

AHOY by Nafisah Tung


beholder by Andrew-Robinson


Reaper by Dave Wilkins


It came from the Reef by Andy

It came from the Reef

Flying War Hippo by rafaelventura

Flying War Hippo

Vindictive Online by Andika Pradana

Vindictive Online

Pre DWV – Techmage vs General by Maxwell Davenport

Pre DWV - Techmage vs General

Cinders concept art. Voodoo. by vinegar

Cinders concept art. Voodoo.

Bastion Soundtrack Cover by Jen Zee

Bastion Soundtrack Cover

Valkyrie Armor by David M. Boyle

Valkyrie Armor

RoM by Christian Nauck


Girly and her play pals by Sean Galloway

Girly and her play pals

rapunzel by patricio betteo


Could be my last time… by Moh Z Mukhtar

Could be my last time...

IPL Altaria vs Steelix by Alysia Prosser

IPL Altaria vs Steelix

Hedge by Humanoid-Magpie


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