40 Amazing 3D Sci-Fi Illustrations

Science fiction takes our current understanding of how the universe works and imagines ideas and technologies that we haven’t seen yet, but still could fit within that understanding. It’s fiction that expands on what we know about science, operating on familiar principles.

In this post, I will showcase 40 Absolutely 3D Sci-Fi Illustrations to Spark Your Imagination. I personally love sci-fi works and I think the surreal styles that those works presented are simply stunning – not to mention the techniques that those artists used in simply top-notch.

The Newcomers by Angel Alonso

The Newcomers

somewhere in the north by tredowski

somewhere in the north

Futuristic City 3 by Scott Richard

Futuristic City 3

Genesis by Lantios


KinDzaDza Battle by arsenixc

KinDzaDza Battle

Through the Psionic Storm P1 by Finnian MacManus

Through the Psionic Storm P1

Project Lacia Concept by redjuice999

Project Lacia Concept

Fly, Dragonfly by Jenni

Fly, Dragonfly

Lighthouse by Eamonn Gillian


Kalima by pascalblanche


Headhache v. 03 by Maxim Goudin

Headhache v. 03

Codd M317-C by Steve Burg

Codd M317-C

OtherLandW by sanfranguy


Rise and Fall of an Empire, by maciejfrolow

Rise and Fall of an Empire,

Paradise City by Fredy3D

Paradise City

Undefined Object by Yusuf Eltelpany

Undefined Object

AFF fleet roster-november 2006 by Josh Grafton

AFF fleet roster-november 2006

Terminal 13 by Sebastien Hue

Terminal 13

Love of reading by Haillenne

Love of reading

Mercury by Cornelius


Gliese 581G by Tony

Gliese 581G

Another world by radoxist

Another world

Salvage Recon by Konrad Dobson

Salvage Recon

Pilgrim by veprikov


Platform 47 by Cybergooch

Platform 47

IN-Palayz by Raydianze


Oasis by neutrix


Chopper WIP4 – Geometry by Kheng Teoh

Chopper WIP4 - Geometry

police state by Domenica Iacovone

police state

Chess Player _ Roman Noir by dopaminart

Chess Player _ Roman Noir

sylorion by özhan hazırlar


ALLIANCE by Javier Montañés


Bad Boy Battlesuit Mark 3 by M Meier

Bad Boy Battlesuit Mark 3

The Wreck by vmulligan

The Wreck

The arrival by mhillustration

The arrival

Drifterium by elreviae


Cyber Space by KaanaMoonshadow

Cyber Space

X-Incubator by JoseAlvesSilva


Colonization by Quoth the server, 404.


Portal Short Chell Test Render by Alex Zemke

Portal Short Chell Test Render


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