35 Extraordinary Surreal Photo Manipulation Arts

The word “surreal” means “above reality”. In other words, the artists believed that there was an element of truth which is revealed by our subconscious minds which supercedes the reality of our everyday consciousness.

In this post, we will showcase 35 surreal photo manipulations that are created by talented digital artist for inspiration. All art works were created using Photoshop and under the influence of surrealism.

Think before you Egg Nog by Martin

Think before you Egg Nog

A Natural Disaster by Wishmistress

A Natural Disaster

60538 by kubicki


Skull and Headphones by Rhys Owens

Skull and Headphones

Capricorn eye by Irene Zeleskou

Capricorn eye

crossing worlds. by denkyo

crossing worlds.

Liquid Destiny by arke1

Liquid Destiny

Mirror, Mirror by Lara Jade

Mirror, Mirror

Chocolatopia by norbi


African Bread Hut by Ona Loots

African Bread Hut

Neglected Wonderland II. by Andreea Anghel

Neglected Wonderland II.

To the shadows by decrepitude

To the shadows

skull metal by cristoF-D

skull metal

Dreamspace Reloaded 21 by DenisOlivier

Dreamspace Reloaded 21

.:kill me every time:. by WhiteSpiritWolf

.:kill me every time:.

Lonely by Sylwia Skubis


Untitled Harmony by ASLI YENiAY

Untitled Harmony

Achieving the shadow of love by Chitulescu Iuliana Amalia

Achieving the shadow of love

Fleeing creativity by Berthjan Achterop

Fleeing creativity

Jumpers by George Nova


Underwater Dreams by SAB687

Underwater Dreams

Detasare by Cutteroz


Under The Last Moon by neodecay

Under The Last Moon

The Cage Keeper by R0GUEART

The Cage Keeper

Hope by ratpat13


don”t cry by kahwe


Virtuoso Violence by sc0pe

Virtuoso Violence

Night-trap. by Karina Marandjian


Sweet Like Sugar by info@ladysymphonia.com

Sweet Like Sugar

mannequin III by Peter Coulson

mannequin III

hello oskar. by Adam

hello oskar.

The Barn by neverdying

The Barn

Flame Angel by anderton

Flame Angel

HousePlant by TheABones


Abisal Hybrid Series – 2 by Jonathan Jacobsen

Abisal Hybrid Series - 2


  1. Karen Burketsays:

    Using photo of art work for a student music video

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