25 Stunning 3D Male Characters

In this post, we have collected some realistic 3d male characters for inspiration. Enjoy the showcase and express your opinion by sharing it in the comments.

SPETSNAZ by Jonas Skoog


hedgehog by monomauve


Water and human by Sergey

Water and human

Crea tu propia historia by dotjose

Crea tu propia historia

Warrior V2012 by Quentin Pointillart

Warrior V2012

Naruto – Zabuza by fabiomsilva

Naruto - Zabuza

Magician-hermit by Anton Cherevan


Aquila by veprikov


Cinematic Character, Viktor Portrait by Mathieu Goulet

Cinematic Character, Viktor Portrait

Darth Pointy by Jimmy Xu

Darth Pointy

Age of conan2 by pascalblanche

Age of conan2

We Were Once Young by JamesJiaXu

We Were Once Young

Satyr by Lantios


3D – Lucius by hyamei

3D - Lucius

Darksiders fan art by Nick Deligaris

Darksiders fan art

KotOR – Carth Onasi by KaanaMoonshadow

KotOR - Carth Onasi

Ganon beauty shot by Mrskullface

Ganon beauty shot

Nero by AzhaR


Not Always Proud – Marco Menco by drummer00

Not Always Proud - Marco Menco

Saving Grace by Abby

Saving Grace

Grab my Hand by M Meier

Grab my Hand

Old Brawler by Andrew F. Smith

Old Brawler

The Cyborg by TLishman

The Cyborg

For King and Country by Karen

For King and Country

Kingdom Death: Forsaker by Jon Troy Nickel

Kingdom Death: Forsaker

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