25 Stunning 3D Cartoon Characters

It’s really vital for the artist to have a source of inspiration for his or her future artworks and we hope that this post will become a good one. This tiny collection features 3D modes of different kinds: animals 3d models, kids 3d models and just creative examples of three-dimensional art. They are different in style, but so cool and stunning. Well, let’s enjoy this collection of amazing 3D cartoon characters!

Poor Pluto by TheMhpe

Poor Pluto

WONKCHU by Swiney


The Boxing Kangaroo by JoseAlvesSilva

The Boxing Kangaroo

Screaming Candle by Jamie

Screaming Candle

Nimbus by DivineError


Dairy Season final render by jermilex

Dairy Season final render

Well Done 3d by DanielSchmid

Well Done 3d

Rainbow Dash by Rivenchan

Rainbow Dash

Grandma by Beleleu


Wolvie-poo WIP by Sean Galloway

Wolvie-poo WIP

Nirvana by dotjose


Tony Stark by fabriciocampos

Tony Stark

El Gran Capsupil by Rodrigo Pelaez Elizundia

El Gran Capsupil

Sad Alien by JanJinda

Sad Alien

SatAm Dr. Robotnik by Andrew F. Smith

SatAm Dr. Robotnik

Fishy Fish by Tolga Toyko?a>

Fishy Fish

D R A C U L A by Omar Malkosh


Bartman: The Dark Knight by Eric Beck

Bartman: The Dark Knight

Mr. Eyesly by Matt Mills

Mr. Eyesly

Sarko XIV by ManolloB

Sarko XIV

hoody by cheesyniblets


Lego Helghast by samsite-X

Lego Helghast

-Lola Rabbit- by ken1171

-Lola Rabbit-

Barely Regal by Bj??r Fr??

Barely Regal

Resistance Is Futile by Fredy3D

Resistance Is Futile


  1. Johan Parkersays:

    About the sound, the sound feature of Bob the robber 4 game on hudgames is also a clear one to hear of as it really sounded much absolutely in a good way..

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