25 Outstanding Portrait Photo Manipulations

A portrait is a painting, photo, or sculpture of a person. (usually just the head and shoulders) However there are paintings considered to be portraits that show you the full body. Portraits will also normally tell you something about the person, whether it be in the medium used, the body language of the person or an object in the picture. A potrait is a drawing painting or scelpture of a person or important event that ca be displayed in many ways.

Digital age gives artists the opportunity to carry out their creative potential to the fullest. Photo manipulation is an evolving art school that integrates photography and graphic design. By means of photo and graphic editing software, an ordinary photograph can be transformed into unbelievable image that reveals the most daring and incredible concept of the artist. Photo manipulation makes unreal picture look realistic, the end result is only limited by your own fantasy. However, this technique requires remarkable skills and accuracy from the author as only an exquisite implementation makes an outstanding concept shine.

Here are 25 amazing examples of photo manipulation art related to people portraits. Integrating various aspects of photography and design, photo manipulations are great source of inspiration. So enjoy the showcase and share your impressions in comments.

i miss you… by kokoszkaa

i miss you...

Wonder Woman in Chains by Jeffach

Wonder Woman in Chains

60589 by kubicki


Under the waves by LuneBleu

Under the waves

Raven”s rest by elreviae


Tender hands by ELENADUDINA

Tender hands

Spiderweb by EliseEnchanted


Tajii by Emerald-Depths


Farewell by AllaD8


Can”t Haunt Me by andziadesign


Tomorrow… by =Senderosolvidados


HouseMouse by AnnMei


Soul by wirestyle


Raiden – Metal Gear Solid Rising by Leox90

Raiden - Metal Gear Solid Rising

Welcome to the party pal by Flobelebelebobele

Welcome to the party pal

Water In My Eyes by Lilyas

Water In My Eyes

Forever in Wonderland by =Phatpuppyart

Forever in Wonderland

It”s My Dreams You Take by noorl3yoon


Energy- Has no Limits- by JnBdesign

Energy- Has no Limits-

Anteroom of Death by =lady-symphonia

Anteroom of Death

Mors Vincit Omnia by Autonoe

Mors Vincit Omnia

Earth Goddess by keashie

Earth Goddess

City Spirit by ~rellik1990


Frau Katze by =red-riding

Frau Katze

10 20 40 by vaporization

Frau Katze


  1. Wayne Noelsays:

    Who is the artist for 10 20 40 by vaporization?

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