25 Excellent Concert Photography Examples

Concert photography is a specific field that requires both particular skills and specific technical parameters of the shot. There are many points that distinguish a concert from other types of photography environments. Taking a good shot of a live music show is among the most difficult tasks in photography, but also among the most satisfying. This is because it is very likely to obtain a truly unique shot as a result, especially when you do it like a pro, because what happens on the stage is dynamic.

This article presents 25 Excellent Concert Photography Examples. All images are linked to their sources, which you are encouraged to visit. Other work of the photographers we have featured here is certainly worth discovering as well. Please notice that some images are available as prints as well.

Verse by Rolf F.


Ivar Nikolaisen, Silver by Espen Stranger Seland

Ivar Nikolaisen, Silver

FOALS – version 2010 by Ronan THENADEY

FOALS - version 2010

DELAIN by soleá


Slipknot_@Sonisphere_UK_2011 by Javier Bragado


Muse @ Paleo Festival, Suisse | 24.07.2007 by Rod | Le-hibOO.com

Muse @ Paleo Festival, Suisse | 24.07.2007

Meshuggah by Mathieu EZAN


i was amazed by .ultraviolett

i was amazed

Planeta Terra Festival by camilasvenson

Planeta Terra Festival

Metallica by cbortels


Work with your hands -John Mayer by Contrails

Work with your hands -John Mayer

exist†trace by Jari Kaariainen


Daft Punk: Final Stage by AndiH

Daft Punk: Final Stage

Radiohead (All Points West) by baonguyen

Radiohead (All Points West)

Katy Perry by cornershopstudios

Katy Perry

Sufjan Stevens playing banjo by Joe Lencioni

Sufjan Stevens playing banjo

Untitled by ? L E X


bones 2 by nephthys-15

bones 2

Simone Simons by mpylkko

Simone Simons

Flying by SpinalMesh


Amon Amarth by Ultra-Vixen

Amon Amarth

Slipknot by GIVEthemHORNS


Epica by Lissuin


Zakk Wylde in Toronto I by basseca

Zakk Wylde in Toronto I

Paramore 1 by Timothy-Sim

Paramore 1

Skin Skunk Anansie by alefolp

Skin Skunk Anansie


  1. AMAZING photographs.rocking show

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