25 Energizing Examples Of Action Sport Photography

In my opinion, sports photography is definitely one of the most challenging subjects to capture well. Anyone can get a DSLR with a fast enough burst rate and machine gun fire away, but that definitely doesn’t guarantee you a good end result. All at the same time you’re going to have to keep composition in mind, hope and pray your servo mode autofocus doesn’t fail on any of the focus points, and be sure you’re getting a fast or slow enough shutter speed for the style of photo you’re after.

Below we present 25 Energizing Examples Of Action Sport Photography for your inspiration. All images are linked to photographer’s web sites. You can explore further works of the photographers we’ve featured below by clicking on the images presented in this showcase. And feel free to add links to some beautiful works in the comments to this post!

King of the water by Tony Margiocchi

King of the water

The Speed of Light by Ammar Alothman

The Speed of Light

Go! by Omar Junior


The Pool by It”s Stefan

The Pool

A Leap of Faith by HamWithCam

A Leap of Faith

World”s Favorite Sport by vramak

Worlds Favorite Sport

ASIER MUNIAIN en LA VACA by Rafael G. Riancho


Riding out of the Sunset by guenterleitenbauer

Riding out of the Sunset

Ball by Eduardo Cavasotti


Mace – Frontflip by tim_parker

Mace - Frontflip

? ? . by WASABIdesign

? ? .

Rugby by Filippo Venturi


The Flying Superstar by | HD |

The Flying Superstar

Natural Games Millau by Domi Rolland ?

Natural Games Millau

Mirka, Beachvolleyball by Werner Schnell (1.stream)

Mirka, Beachvolleyball

Lets play catch! by Brad Ross

Lets play catch!

IMG_5796LR by bagyu.hu


Sport è… colore! by PatrickDonati

Sport è... colore!


Jaws B

Leichtathletik by Robi33


Aaron – Front board Pop Out by Brian Garson

Aaron - Front board Pop Out

Foggy soccer by oregonianphoto

Foggy soccer

Mavericks by BarCad


Cycling_YJ_01 by Yorick Jansens


Untitled by Nick Wisda


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