1. LogoVizsays:

    this is truly a wonderful thing to know
    Working with 2 colors can usually be quite easy and sometimes quite hard

  2. All these logos which are above truly awesome and it is really difficult how logo designers create a logo with two colors which is good indeed.

  3. How are you, I was just browsing some sites and I got to your site from another site. I read a few of your articles and thought they were nicely written. Thanks, I’ll visit your site again soon.

  4. Very Goooood !! ❤

  5. These are awesome black-white design concepts. Thanks.

  6. awesome!

  7. Mikesays:

    Thank you for sharing the amazing logo design with us.

  8. There are some excellent logo examples in this collection! I always design and present my logo designs in black and white only so as to distill the mark to its core elements. If it works in black and white, it’ll surely work wonderfully in color.

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