100+ Creative Web Contact Forms

Here are examples of contact forms done right. There is something to be learned from each these about creative messaging and elegant design.

Beautiful Contact Forms for your Inspiration

Contact forms have evolved a lot since the days of simple bland html forms. This holds especially true for portfolio websites and design agencies.

The current designs are beautiful and can be extremely creative. Besides the common fields that everyone expects, forms can be enhanced by adding extra features such as maps, social networking information and appealing illustrations.

Beautiful Contact Forms for your Inspiration

80+ Excellent Examples of Creative Contact And Web Form Designs

A perfect layout, A Good Design and Nice resource can produce a creative output. Layout, textures and patterns are used more often than one may think but the outcome of different combination can result verity of designs.

One of the interesting trend which I noticed recently is using an attractive in-page forms to receive data from user in shape of contact, login, registration, and other web requests. Even though this is not a common trend to follow but still as the new design styles come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them in their work, this kind of new trends emerge.

Excellent Examples of Creative Contact And Web Form Designs

25 Creative Contact Form Designs

Why does Agencies or Freelancers make their websites and showcase their work? Certainly to get queries and clients. Thus the importance of Well defined and well designed Contact form increases manifolds. You can really provoke a customer’s thought to contact you with a Creative Contact Form.

Creative Contact Form Designs

23 Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages

When designing a website we need to think about every aspect, from header to footer, from landing page to about us page, and even the contact page. It’s important to make sure the design is great all the way through. So today we decided to gather a few examples of how websites are displaying their contact page. Some dedicate a complete page to make the user get in contact. Others use a section inside the about page, while some have the contact information on the sidebar or footer. Whatever way you decide to display your contact space, make sure to take good care of this specific section because it can get the user’s attention or scare them away (and this could cause you to loose your next client/user).

Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages

24 Stunning Contact Form-Page Designs

24 Stunning Contact Form-Page Designs

Contact! 30 Case Studies in Contact Form Design

Contact form design may be as simple or as elaborate as you like, in keeping with the style of your site. Just make sure the form is seamlessly integrated, both visually and textually, with everything else.

Case Studies in Contact Form Design

Superb Examples of Form Design

Following on from our look at fantastic login pages comes a look at more comprehensive form design such as contact forms, order forms, sign up forms and comment forms. Below are just some of the best examples on the web.

Superb Examples of Form Design

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