10 Awesome Illustrator Poster Design Tutorials

Here are 10 awesome poster design tutorials done in Illustrator and I’m sure that you’ll find them extremely useful.

‘Tour de France’ posters

To fit the landscape on a poster I had to change the composition from landscape to portrait, by moving and rearranging fields and other elements. I also decided to use a bit of the same typographical style by using the typefaces Trend and Thirsty Rough. The smaller words however such as la, ième and du were drawn manually based on Trend Ornaments.


Daft Punk Poster in Illustrator

how to create a simple and minimalistic poster for the Daft Punk. We will use Illustrator and then Photoshop for some mockups.


Create a 50s ad poster in Illustrator

It seems that the 50s are back, not just in advertising and design, but also on clothes, TV shows, and elsewhere. I honestly think this is one of the most interesting and creative eras for advertisement; some ads are really memorable and funny.


How To Create an Abstract Geometric Poster Design

Some of the coolest designs can be created with the simplest of tools. In this tutorial we’ll create a cool abstract poster design using nothing more than a hexagon. With careful composition, an enticing colour scheme and a series of textures you can easily create a great looking design that would work perfectly as a poster, or even artwork for a book or album cover.


Hellboy Poster in Illustrator

Before we begin, I must say this is going to be a more advanced tutorial, you won’t need to know how to draw, but with you know it will be a lot simplier. The basic requirements is to be good with the pen tool and blending modes, so let’s do it buddies.


Create a Stylized Election Poster Using Illustrator

Using Live Trace and Live Paint in Illustrator makes stylized posters an easy task. This tutorial walks you through how to quickly make stylized posters that are vector based. This lets you use and re-use designs in various sizes – billboards to coffee mugs to bumper stickers.


Create a Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set

In the first part of the tutorial, Steve will be walking you through his process to design the poster, from concept to final piece.


Make a Grungy Hand-Drawn Festival Poster in Illustrator

This Illustrator design tutorial will discuss how to create a grunge, handdrawn-themed poster with a cassette tape (which we’ll draw) as its central subject. We’ll use the Pencil Tool to make organic vector objects and also patterns in Illustrator. We’ll also use the 3D Extrude & Bevel Effect and take advantage of opacity masks to make certain elements semitransparent.


Photoshop Battle Poster in Illustrator

The idea behind it was that it would have to have that sort of old boxing posters style using only text and basic shapes like rectangles and stars.


Column-grid poster design

A column-grid system is a particularly useful tool for any designer wanting to create perfectly aligned typography. It can be used in both print design projects and in your web designs, to help you achieve pixel-perfect website layouts.



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