20 Pixel Perfect Web & App Icon Sets

Icons are an essential part of a user interface. They help create visual associations between functionality and the user, which creates an overall better user experience. Icons can range from minimal and flat such as those used on Facebook, to elegant and lifelike such as the icons on the Apple iPhone and iPad. So here is collection of pixel perfect icons for your web or app.





160 Tiny Icons

160 Tiny Icons[/one_half_last]


58 free pixel-perfect icons

58 pixel-perfect icons[/one_half]


Pixel UI Icon Set

Pixel UI Icon Set[/one_half_last]


Sharp pixel-icons

Sharp pixel-icons[/one_half]


Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 1

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 1[/one_half_last]


560 Essential Web Design Icons

560 Essential Web Design Icons[/one_half]


ikonic: 150 real iOS icons

ikonic: 150 real iOS icons[/one_half_last]


1325 pixel perfect icons (free)

1325 pixel perfect icons (free)[/one_half]


Minimicons Music Edition

Minimicons Music Edition[/one_half_last]


80 Mini Icons (PSD + Icon Font)

80 Mini Icons (PSD + Icon Font)[/one_half]


Assorted Pixel-Perfect 14px Icon Set

Assorted Pixel-Perfect[/one_half_last]


Freebie: Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

Freebie: Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)[/one_half]


Icons v.2 – Free download

Icons v.2 – Free download[/one_half_last]








LED Icon Set

LED Icon Set[/one_half]


Boolean 1.1

Boolean 1.1[/one_half_last]


350 pixel perfect glyphs icons

pixel perfect glyphs icons[/one_half]


Crisp Icon Set

Crisp Icon Set[/one_half_last]


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