10 Loren Ipsum Placeholder Text Generators

Have you ever needed a sample content to fill your designs or website examples? Are you tired of the usual Lorem Ipsum? Here are 10 tools that will generate a different dummy content that you are not used to.

Cupcake Ipsum

Are you tired of that dusty old Latin text? Now you can replace it with Cupcake Ipsum! It’s a new app made by Applicake for generating cupcake dummy text.


Samuel L. Ipsum

Samuel L Ipsum is a Lorem Ipsum Generator, it uses quotes from films which Samuel L Jackson has starred in place of the standard ipsum text. (Slipsum Lite).


Bacon Ipsum

Generate lorem ipsum filler text using types meat.


Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

It’s a gangsta Lorem Ipsum generator. Yes, gangsta. And it’s easy to use, too: you just go to the site, click the giant button, and bam! — gangsta Lorem Ipsum fills the page and is ready to be used. Not satisfied? Hit the button again, and it will instantly deliver a different taste of gansta-styled gibberish.


Bogan Ipsum

If you don’t like bacon and find Samuel L Jackson too profane, Bogan Ipsum offers yet another source of random text for use in design projects.


Hairy lipsum

Well now, to mark Movember, you can fill in the gaps with some random hairy lipsum. After all, no project is a blank project when you’ve a luxurious moustache.


Cheese Ipsum

Everyone loves a bit of cheese right? So why not add a little fromage to your design mock-ups with cheese inspired text generator


Veggie ipsum

The vegetarian lorem ipsum generator.


DeLorean Ipsum

DeLorean Ipsum is a jQuery plugin to generate sample text using the Back To The Future script.



Artisanal filler text for your site or project.



  1. Kelly Molsonsays:

    Thanks so much for featuring our Cheese Ipsum, designed & developed by @rubbercheese 🙂

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