Collection Of Free Wallpapers 2012

Updating our desktop computers’ wallpapers could help us all be inspired and be reminded that numbers go on like the years and the days of every month just like our lives and our dreams. Here are collection of free wallpapers 2012.

Left Behind Wallpaper

There are many photographers out there who would love to take close-up shots of insects, flowers and other beautiful stuff in nature. But this wallpaper will easily show you that even fallen leaves can be a beautiful backdrop that can end up as your personal wallpaper. While most of us wouldn’t even give a second thought to these dried-up, crispy remnants that blanket the ground and mark the change of seasons, there’s no reason for them to not be a source of inspiration or a poetic jab at time and the inevitable change that ensues.


Minimalist Backgrounds for a Simpler Desktop

These 20 hand-selected illustrations will breathe some fresh color and life into your workflow, and will provide a clean space on which to pile your projects until you sweep them into the “done” folder.

Minimalist Backgrounds for a Simpler Desktop

Must Have Free Summer Wallpapers for 2012

Summer Wallpapers is a collection of hand picked wallpapers that we have collected through out popular websites in order for you to customize and prepare your computer and devices for Summer 2012. We have previously created an article about summer wallpapers in 2011 which had a huge impact specially in Google‘s search results, thus today we present to you some truly beautiful summer wallpapers.

Summer Wallpapers for 2012

70 Colorful Sea Creatures [Free Wallpapers]

Let us Explore the ocean and sealife and encounter an array of colorful sea creatures as you venture from a familiar rocky shoreline to the weird waters of the deepest abyss. The sea and shoreline are rich of fascinating and colorful creatures and marine animals apart from Fishes.

Colorful Sea Creatures

30+ Free Beaming 2012 Wallpapers

May you be filled with more dreams and success the whole year round as you get to take a peak and have the chance to download today’s collection of Free Beaming 2012 Wallpapers! Get yourself hooked up with a set of wallpapers to add something new to your collection and just simply be reminded that there’s hope in dreams as every year comes in.

Beaming 2012 Wallpapers

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