15 Free Admin Templates For Backend Panels

You know that when it comes to the admin area of your website, it’s not that easy to come up with something that will be effective in all stages of your website. At first, when your website is not generating high traffic and you have just a few posts and limited content, you will not have any problems at all. Then, when you start to popularize the website, you will feel the growing need of something more useful to handle your custom needs. That’s why, you need a powerful administration area where you could manage your website with ease.


It is an Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template. But CoreUI is not just another Admin Template. It goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to transparent code and file structure. And if that’s not enough, let’s just add that CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high quality icons.

core ui

Sleek Dashboard

It is very powerful bootstrap admin dashboard, which allows you to build products like admin panels, content managements systems and CRMs.

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template and UI Kit

Modular Admin

Open source dashboard theme built in a modular way. That makes it extremely easy to scale, modify and maintain.



Highly customizable and easy to use. Fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops.



Just have a look on the demo and you will get to know how much stuff this template got for you.



With DashGum you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to do lists and more. Grab our free theme and enjoy it.


Dashboards by Keen IO

Building an analytics dashboard? Don’t start from scratch. Grab one of our Bootstrap-based templates and admire your data in minutes.


free responsive dashboard

This dashboard front-end was created as I was lacking a simple responsive but slick looking dashboard for another project of mine. Other available dashboards were bloated with external plugins and required a lot of hackery/work out of the box – plus the fact many were powered by jQuery. The design takes inspiration from other dashboards around, but the code to create the layout is my own.



JANUX is a responsive and multipurpose admin and frontend theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 Framework.


TemplateVamp: [FREE] Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template

Based on Twitter Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3. It can be used as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly; a great starting point.


Bootstrap Admin Theme

A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use.


Charisma – free, responsive, multiple skin admin template

Charisma is a fully featured, free, premium quality, responsive, HTML5 admin template (or backend template) based on Bootstrap from Twitter, it comes with 9 different themes to suit your style and application type.


SB Admin

SB Admin is a free admin theme for Bootstrap 3. This Bootstrap admin template is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose.


Blocks – Free Bootstrap 3 Dashboard

Blcoks is essentially, a single page theme. All what you need, configured, ordered and placed in one page. Of course you can find some other pages with important stuff like a login page or a file manager option, but the core information, the most important data, will be displayed in the main page.


Free HTML5 Admin Template

This HTML5 + CSS3 admin area template was created specifically for application and theme developers who want more out of their admin dashboard. Forget using a basic admin template, this theme comes with jQuery Table Sorter built in and easy integration with Google Chart API. The ability to hide and show menu sections is also included, along with tons of styles for various sections, inputs, and alerts.


Free admin skin available

Combining beautiful web designs with user friendly applications is what we try to focus on here. We recently decided to create a new core admin skin for all our backend applications. We wanted it to be clean, user friendly and attractive. From the core screens below we have the components required to create any type of backend system GUI.



INADMIN is a new FREE administration panel created by INDEZINER. We help coders and other people that are doing coding and administration panels for web applications to have better productivity and concentrate on functionality. They can use our web admin solution to have a great css admin full of nice effects and customizations.


Free Admin Template – PSD Download

This free admin panel PSD template is an attempt on our part to capture evolving and invigorating design trends in modern day admin panels. Hope this new design will inspire you to infuse a bit of chutzpah and lots of freshness into your designs


Dashboard PSD

Get inspired by this free admin panel template psd. Website designs can extend to the admin panel too – and use this psd for great ideas!


Blue Nile Admin

A Twitter Bootstrap-powered and responsive admin template which features many necessary stuff like the navigation, tables, forms, sign-in/sign-up, error pages and more.



Spring-Time is a very simple-yet-clean template that has a good-looking navigation and sidebar.



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    Another free admin theme for bootstrap 3 – http://devoops.me

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    Proudly present updated version of our theme- DevOOPS version2
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    I recently released free Bootstrap admin template.
    Please check it out https://www.themeineed.com/downloads/klorofil-free-bootstrap-dashboard-template/

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    I need “Spring-Time” template for study. Could you please provide it to me. Thanks!

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