Fantastic Collection Of 35 Must Have Fonts For 2019

For those who love collecting fonts, for whatever reason, whether for your graphic design or web design, here’s fantastic collection of 35 must have fonts for 2016 to add to your ever growing collection.

Coves Free Font by Jack Harvatt

Coves is a free font featured by regular curves, ideal for titles and logo design. It includes two weights, light and bold.

Coves - Free Font

Brave Typeface by sunnytudu

Designed with minimal lines to keep it simple and artistic. It gives your text a modern smart effect. 317 glyphs, necessary karning pairs and Latin characters are included to fulfill the demands of your writing. Light and regular version are added to make variation on your typography.

A minimal futuristic typeface

Turum by Multiple Owners

It’s basic shape is stretched up body with a bit rounded corners and sharp edges to gain it more contrast. Turum should be used as complementary element in font-based compositions, for example in futuristic-themed environments. But it could also work well in credits section in movie posters or in disclaimer signs. Traditionally Turum is free for commercial and personal use.


BlowBrush by Petar Acanski

Blow Brush is a hand written marker style font inspired by the hip hop culture and graffiti community. Even though the main intention was to bring that street style to your content, the importance of font functionality was a top priority. The result are legible letters, clear type, a lot of variations and a font that is useful for a wider audience.

BlowBrush free font

ELIXIA by Kimmy Lee

ELIXIA is a slightly condensed typeface inspired by the hexagonal grid system. It has a strong vertical emphasis, with a solid, geometric feel. Its clean ruler-straight lines, restrained forms, unique shape and proportions give the face a dynamic, industrial futuristic aura, yet, in a complete paradox in itself, also lends an archaic and mystical feel — a quirky mix of medieval and modern.

ELIXIA Free Font

Exodus by Andrew Herndon

Exodus is a display serif typeface with luxurious lines and a smorgasbord of unique alternative characters. Exodus was designed to create stellar unique character sets for logos and headings while giving full control to the designer.

Exodus - Free Typeface

Raleigh Font by PixelZombies

A font for your inner-epicness. A futuristic yet modern stencil-esque font that’s great for big titles and small subtexts. Combine with images to really wow them humans.

 Raleigh Font

Befitting Script by TheBrandedQuotes

Befitting Script gives you the blueprint of future possibilities. A Cursive programmed with smart alternates that flows smoothly as you assemble the words from your mind. Very versatile and will absolutely fit to most branding concepts from your hang tags to the typographic design of your apparel brand. The urban style brush strokes gave the font a more flexible look but striking appearance!

 Befitting Script

Brawls Typeface by Heybing

The brawls typeface includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

 Brawls Typeface

Verone Typeface by Typopotamus

Verone is a 100% handmade typeface. Brought to give you a sweet, romantic handmade typographic style.

 Verone Typeface

Airport Arrival by Brandbusters

 Airport Arrival

Luciana Typeface by Manh Nguyen

Luciana is a free ultra-light modern futuristic typeface with extremely feminine style to fit on CVs, branding logos and titling on magazines.

Luciana Typeface (Free & Editable)

Cornerstone by Zac Freeland

Cornerstone is a no-nonsense modular font that is available to you for free!

Cornerstone - Free Font

ONE DAY by Nawras Moneer

Simple, geometric, & modern font which is free in exchange for a tweet.

ONE DAY - Free Font

Fenton by Fatih Günes

Fenton Font family comes with 6 weights. The design was inspired by (convex) camber. It has a higher lowercase structure than the normal ones. It has a modern, rounded and squared character. Each weight contains 370 glyph.

Fenton Typeface Family

ANURATI by Emmeran Richard

Originally made to be free, this font makes way for the creativity of each and every one. Modify it, give it colors, no licence is required for its use (as for personal projects and commercials).

ANURATI - Free font

Debby by Multiple Owners

Debby is a hand-drawn brush typeface to make your works looks natural. It designed to feel personal and imperfect; the irregular bouncy characters and the rough shapes speaks by itself. You can use it for anything from wedding invitation, quote poster, logo, greeting cards, etc.

Debby (Free Font)

Yeah Papa by Rafa Miguel

Yeah Papa free handwritten font. Free for personal and commercial use!

Yeah Papa free font

BROCHA by Jimmy Kalman

This cool brush custom font is from Jimmy Kalman. Great for your new artistic projects.

BROCHA - Free Typeface

Butler by Fabian De Smet

Butler is a free serif typeface inspired by a mix between both Dala Floda & the amazing Bodoni family.
The main goal was to bring a bit of modernism to serif fonts by working on the curves of classical serif fonts and adding an extra stencil family.

Butler - FREE FONT

Brusher by Multiple Owners

Brusher is a bold and modern brush-lettered font which includes 100 glyphs crafted with precise strokes and smooth lines that will give your text a naturally hand drawn look.

Brusher Free Font

STOKED by Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Stoked is a display typeface rescued with love from a rejected 5 custom letters logo.

STOKED (free font)

Arciform by Matt Ellis

A geometric sans serif typeface with rounds and a light and fluffy feel.

Arciform || Free Typeface

Abys by Multiple Owners

Abys Typeface is an uppercase brush font. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Abys Typeface | free font


Display typeface inspired by contemporary classic Thai style. This typeface have many alternative weights, perfect for usage in posters headlines and/or body text.

BSRU Bansomdej—Free Font

Handletter by Sasha Koggio

Handletter is a free handwritten font you can use available for your design projects.

Handletter. Free Font.

MOMOBO by Roberto Rigon

A sans serif font for everybody.

MOMOBO - A sans serif font for everybody


The new Kust font is a handwritten typeface, written by Ieva Mezule, fashion designer nad painter. 80 characters, every letter has a unique structure, with a distorted look. The letters were drawn on hard paper with a thick brush using pure black ink.

KUST Free Brush Font

Melma Font by Rafa Miguel

It’s hand crafted and includes great uppercase and line letters.

Melma Font

Margot by Adrià Gómez

Margot is an adoring typefamily designed and optimized for its use in large sizes. Margot is vibrant, cheerful, perfectly suited for a great variety of typographical purposes and free.

Margot Free Font

Billy by Claire Joines

It’s a cute handwriting typeface that’s fun, friendly, and versatile. The best thing about Billy is that it’s free! Well, for personal use anyway.

billy typeface (free)

UGO by Valeria Santarelli

UGO is a free font design with different combinations. Playing with layers and colors!


LUNA by Amanda Leeson

This quirky handwritten font is totally free for personal and commercial use.

LUNA Free Font

FESTER by Nawras Moneer

FESTER is an uppercase, semi-condensed, sans-serif typeface. Its gentle, clean appearance makes it a suitable typeface for headlines, posters, titles and captions.

FESTER Free Typeface

ROYALS by Paul Reis

Classic meets edgy modernism in ROYALS. Available for free personal and commercial use.

ROYALS font // Free Font


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