40+ Awesome Collection of Free Fonts 2022

If you need a huge upgrade to your font library, here are 30 Awesome Collection of Free Fonts 2021 that would certainly help with that. Now get ready to have your creativity stimulated and enhance your productivity by starting to create stunning design using one or more of these!

Neutral Face

Neutral Face — Free Font

Made from font designer named Vadym Axieiev. It’s a contemporary sans serif typeface inspired by Swiss style.


Alaska Free Font

Alaska is a free stylized abstract typeface for personal and commercial use. It consist of uppercase letters as well as numbers and glyphs.


Ladi - Free Typeface

Ladi is an asymmetric typeface based on liquid forms, as to display a high contrast in its imbalance and uncertain curves.


Fungis - Free Typeface

FUNGIS was made by combining the versatility of grotesque fonts with her curves and cut bowls in some of the letterforms, making her neutral from a distance and a bit more nuanced up close.

Moniqa Typeface

Moniqa Typeface / Free / Variable / Latin & Cyrillic

MONIQA is a variable display typeface. It’s a multilingual typeface which has Latin and Cyrillic scripts, loaded With alternate characters, 162 styles, Discretionary ligatures, and lots Of open type features.


Wagon - Free Font

Wagon a new fresh & modern serif with a strong style, a dancing baseline! So beautiful on invitations like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Hanson Bold

Hanson Bold (Free Font)

HANSON BOLD Is the latest font from Hanson Method. Works well for bold strong brand identities, logo types, posters & more.


Manrope – Modern Geometric Sans-serif Font Family

Manrope font is an open-source, modern, geometric sans-serif font family. Designed by Mikhail Sharanda. Supports most of Latin & Cyrillic languages.


Maragsa — A Display Typeface

Maragsa is a display, semi-serif typeface that owes its form to one of the accent marks used as a guide to the correct pronunciation of Filipino words—the pakupyâ accent—whose tapered tips heralded the sharp edges, hastily-flowing strokes, and abrupt cuts in the characters, similar to the manner words with the stress should be spoken.


Aila | Free Typeface

Aila typeface is suited for many applications like Magazines, Editorial, Posters, Weddings, Websites, Books, Branding & Identity, Photography, Fashion etc.

Chalk Serif

Chalk Serif

Chalk serif is a handwritten font containing uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals and punctuation marks. It should be good for menus, signs, posters, quotes.

Miratrix Font

Miratrix Font — Free Latin/cyrilic

Miratrix is a geometric grotesque in the style of brutalism. This non-standard multi-functional font is suitable for web-design, logos, brand identity, packaging, posters and headlines.

Baxter Script

Baxter Script - Free Font / Typeface

Introducing Baxter. An elegant script typeface that’s free for you to download.


Brocha - Free Typeface

Free typeface for personal use!

Free Saint George Stencil Font

Free Saint George Stencil Font

Free Saint George Stencil Font is a clean and experimental font, based on a widely available Georgia by Vedran Vaskovic. The intention was to modify an existing typeface and create something new. Because it is an experimental project, it is available only in lowercase characters. The inspiration for the theme comes from the name of the original which morphed to Saint George. Since the stencil shapes got more wild and playful, the tone of the theme had appropriated humour and twisting of the basic christian tale of Saint George.

Galaxy Font

Galaxy Font (Update)

Galaxy font for headline free with numbers, letters and glyphs. Future font typeface for logo, branding. Free for commercial use.

Gilroy Typefamily

Gilroy Typefamily

Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. An older brother of the original Qanelas font family. It comes in 20 weights, 10 uprights and its matching italics. The Light & ExtraBold weights are free of charge, so you can use them to your heart’s content. Designed with powerful opentype features in mind. Each weight includes extended language support (+ Cyrillic), fractions, tabular figures, arrows, ligatures and more. Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use. It could easily work for web, signage, corporate as well as for editorial design.


Concrete - Free Font

A flashy grotesque with enhanced readability for posters and headlines.


Espoir - Font Family (Free Download)

Espoir is based on the compact solid font, by combining a variety of styles. Espoir font family offers an attractive tool for producing elegant decorative lettering, for example, for book covers or for posters and packaging.


Slabbo - Free Font

SLABBO is a bold, messy and strong slab serif font. It’s 100% FREE! Download and start playing with it.


Quiapo Free — Brush Typeface

Quiapo Free is a brush typeface dedicated to the Filipino Sign makers, Jeepney drivers, and the daily commuters in the streets of Metro Manila and anywhere in the Philippines. Quiapo Free was inspired by most of the jeepney signs hanged or displayed behind the windshield of Jeepneys and other public transport vehicles, travelling around Metro Manila and other cities within the country.



Chivo is the first Omnibus-Type neo-grotesque typeface family. It has 7 weight variants (Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Black), plus matching italics. Its solidness and balanced strokes give Chivo both elegance and practicality. Chivo Regular works perfectly in long-reading texts, while Chivo Black is ideal for headlines, banners and highlights. Developed by Héctor Gatti, this is an indispensable ally for any designer.


Made Kenfolg | Font

The Kenfolg serif font will perfect for many project: book, magazines, logo, branding, photography, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, etc.


Thinoo - Free Modern Font

Thinoo is a new clean and modern free sans serif font family with thin and bold styles by Nauman Altaf. It contains uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation and symbols. Thinoo will work great in resumes, logos, websites, branding materials, t-shirts, print, business cards, posters, photography, etc.


Valencia Calligraphy Typeface - Free Download

Valencia is a free handwriting style calligraphy typeface that is available for free download. Get it and enjoy creating amazing designs with it.

Don Jose

Don José - Free Sans Serif Font Family

It is a sans-serif family with a high box, designed for holders. This font family includes 5 styles: Black, Roots, Mustache, Journey and Textile. Don José is great for many uses including but not limited to: eye-catching headlines, posters, apparel, quotes, and titles.


Herbert Font - Free Regular

Herbert is a Didone Display font designed by Danilo De Marco in 2019 for the K95 communication studio. Its construction is characterized by the strong contrast between thick and thin rods, which give to the typeface a strong aesthetic and elegant appearance, For this reason it is unsuitable for the composition of long texts to small dimensions. Instead, it is suitable for the editing of titles or particular graphic/typographic compositions. Herbert is characterized by 4 different styles: Regular, Italic, Stencil and Semi Sans. The name Herbert is a tribute to the famous American graphic designer Herb Lubalin, because the creation of the font coincides with the centenary of his birth anniversary. Lubalin’s typographic work has had a strong impact in the history of graphics, his enormous talent in using typography goes beyond simple functionality, it has strong expressive and aesthetic connotations, the shapes and geometries of the letters became an integral part of his graphics.


Rude - Free Handcrafted Serif Font

Rude, from Masha Chuprova, is a carefully handcrafted serif font. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and symbols. Rude is a unique typeface, perfect for but not limited to: logos, titles, magazines, headlines, apparel, and posters.


Cósmica Branding - Celestina Free Font

A unique set of letters that can be combined to create words and phrases. Feel free to download the AI and play around.


Salmela - Free Calligraphy Font

A beautiful hand lettering calligraphy typeface from Genesislab. This flowing script is perfect for creating wedding invitations, signatures, letterheads, logos, T-shirts, and everything in between.

Mathison – Free Font

Mathison - Free Font

The font should work on both Windows & Mac OS, the file format is OpenType (so is the license).

Sk Skrynka

Sk Skrynka — Free Font

SK Skrynka is a strict monospaced geometric accidental typeface. He absorbed both industrialism and simplicity, and futurism along with modernism. It is imbued with the spirit of the distant future and refers to the culture of cyberpunk. With its features, it resembles a computer’s electrical circuit and fits perfectly into a futuristic design.


Free | Zoika Typography

If you’re looking for a useful free font with a bit of an edge, look no further than this this modern typefaces. These sleek and versatile fonts are perfect for all sorts of designs, from websites to printed material, and they are all completely free.

Aloja Free Handwritten Font

Aloja Free Handwritten Font

Aloja is a font that was designed for special usage – Big titles, events, posters, invitations. Is is easy to read and features a fresh and easy feel.

Space Grotesk

Space Grotesk

Aloja is a font that was designed for special usage – Big titles, events, posters, invitations. Is is easy to read and features a fresh and easy feel.


Dugas Pro — Free Font Family

Dugas Pro is the extended Dugas font. In this version I added 24 varieties. The typeface contains Polish characters and basic punctuation marks. Dugas Pro is a family of decorative fonts with very limited readability, so I advise you to use it for simple words, preferably for typographic posters. Dugas Pro has basic Latin characters (only capital letters) with the extension of diacritical marks for the Polish language. The family also has basic punctuation marks. Below are examples of use on posters.

Norse Free Font

Norse Free Font

Norse is a typeface designed just for fun, inspired by the runic alphabet. It is perfectly suited for pagan magazines, drakkar tv commercials or Valhalla invitation cards. Both styles include a complete runic alphabet with unicode support, which is highly useless but totally badass. Norse is 100% free for personnal and commercial use.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea- A Free Font

A fun hand lettered font! Iced Tea is a playful display font, perfect to add a hand-lettered touch. It is a full accented font and has the Cyrillic characters so its ready to be used abroad! “Iced Tea isn’t too sloppy, not too girlie, just right. A fun, sweet font!” It is free for personal use!


Gothvetica (Free Font)

Gothvetica started as a question: How similar are Gotham and Helvetica as typefaces, what would it look like if Gotham and Helvetica were merged?

Sequel Free Modern Font

Sequel Free Modern Font

Sequel is Free modern font that ideal for movies or logos. It is clean, modern and bold font for 100% free commercial use. Font by Philip Trautmann

Oks Free Typeface

Oks Free Typeface

Oks typeface was initially based on letterforms popular in the USSR in 60’s but in the course of time quite distanced from them.



Futuristic styled modern fonts like Celestia are unusual and fun to use in graphic design projects that want to be a little disruptive.

Rousseau Deco

Rousseau Deco | Free Font

Rousseau Deco is an Art Deco inspired font designed by Mariano Diez.


Tipassim - Free Font Download

This modern novelty font has all the makings for a fun and popping design.

L’engineer Font

L'engineer Font

Engine is a free handwritten font with a playful personality. It comes in regular and italic. Created by Ferdie Balderas. You can download it for free just paying with a tweet.


  1. robertsays:

    nice collection, thanks for sharing

  2. Philippsays:

    I needed a nice vintage font for an Instagram Filter in the style of an old film frame and the “Slabbo” font you mentioned was just perfect! Thanks!

  3. Alenasays:

    Rousseau Deco and Espoir are really nice fonts for wedding invitations – thanks for sharing, you made my job easier!

  4. All fonts are good but Space Grotesk is amazing.

  5. Johnsays:

    If you want more free fonts for personal and commercial use check out these: https://www.mockofun.com/tutorials/fonts-for-coloring/

  6. Marisa Diazsays:

    I love them, thanks!!!! I’d also add this one – https://www.templatemonster.com/fonts/qitt-chesta-font-150728.html in handwriting style, more as “girly” font, but suitable for any purpose, I have used it for my photographer portfolio

  7. A wonderful Compile list of typefaces. I’m blown away by your dedication. The Space Grotesk Font has caught my interest since it has a delicate and distinct textural appearance. I’m excited to incorporate it into my ideas and projects.

  8. abcsays:

    A wonderful Compile list of typefaces. I’m blown away by your dedication. The Space Grotesk Font has caught my interest since it has a delicate and distinct textural appearance. I’m excited to incorporate it into my ideas and projects.

  9. A very helpful collection of free fonts. This article is so beneficial for designers and beginners. All fonts are very beautiful but I like Don Jose Font due to its stylish bold look.

    Thank you for sharing this dude.

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