55 Amazing Fractal Wallpapers

Fractal Art is a subclass of the digital art. Usually fractal generator softwares, like the fractal explorer are used to create this kind of art. There is a discussion ongoing if one can say that fractal art is actually art. Most artists have the argument, that when you perform fractal art it is just putting together some mathematical formulas, not creating original stuff using ones brain.

I was so impressed with these fractal art wallpaper works that I felt they merited a post, which would hopefully provide great inspiration for you guys.

Synergy by zy0rg


Swimming by Thelma1


New Years Shamans Journey by love1008

New Years Shamans Journey

Baltic Dawn by Nestalgica

Baltic Dawn

Dive In by BordomBeThyName

Dive In

Sun Kissed Hills by deepbluerenegade

Sun Kissed Hills

La by rinth Yasny-chan


Summer Colors by ^n8iveattitude1

Summer Colors

Magic-Wallpaper by magnusti78


The Beacon by thearchon

The Beacon

Catch the wave by =teddybearcholla

Catch the wave

Astral Rainbow : Warm by VolantKnave

Astral Rainbow : Warm

Rainbow Dash fractal type thingy… by InternationalTCK

Rainbow Dash fractal type thingy...

Mystical Tree by sya

Mystical Tree

grab n go by onebadpenny

grab n go

Hang On by OutThisLife

Hang On

Fire Octopus by Jaedle

Fire Octopus

Celtic Glade Green Version by nmsmith

Celtic Glade Green Version

Sprouts by UltimateSensFan


100124 A by penny5775

100124 A

light version by live2b

light version

Feelin Fine by jazzilady

Feelin Fine

Neon by Brukhar


Twisted wallpaper… by Gurly

Twisted wallpaper...

Dreams by Fabio-S


Burning Inside by Aeires

Burning Inside

Pink Trinity by HelloNurse

Pink Trinity

Freeway Jam by Gibson125

Freeway Jam

Sirius-WP by Fiery-Fire


Autumn Flowers by saretta1

Autumn Flowers

Dark Spider by Pantoja

Dark Spider

Track of Time by Amour-Eros

Track of Time

-Evergreen- by =silwenka


Talisman V Origin of life by hmn

Talisman V Origin of life

Bubble Wave WP by darkstormlord

Bubble Wave WP

Love is Blue by Yasny-chan

Love is Blue

Valentines Day by svet-svet

Valentines Day

ink by DragonWinter


WP – Black Dahlia by SaTaNiA

WP - Black Dahlia

Roses by SoftSpirit118


Vivacity on Black by =LR70

Vivacity on Black

Naruto Team 7 Jewled by lestats1stlover

Naruto Team 7 Jewled

Christmas Abstract by =Frankief

Christmas Abstract

Galaxy by =TokenArt


Lush by milleniumsentry


Steam Chip . WallPaper by Kaeltyk

Steam Chip WallPaper

Persephone by lindelokse


The Pheonix by codenomics

The Pheonix

Cradled by lyastri


Wealth by =co01


Fractal Wallpaper Pack 2011 by Xyrus02

Fractal Wallpaper Pack 2011

Imaginary Garden by LR70

Imaginary Garden

Aurora by svet-svet



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