50 Beautiful Landscape Desktop Wallpapers

We know that we can find tons of great wallpapers online to choose from, but here we selected 50 3D wallpapers to inspire you. Remember to click the images to go to the source and download the wallpapers you like. Enjoy!

Passage Wallpaper by trenchmaker

Passage Wallpaper

The Path by taenaron

The Path

Serenity by IvanAndreevich


Midnight Moonsong by Emerald-Depths

Midnight Moonsong

Convergence by Rahll


Hungarian Skies pt.LXXIII. -WP by realityDream

Hungarian Skies pt.LXXIII. -WP

ice-volcano by LeronMasoN


evening lights by ladyrapid

evening lights

The Cold Steps to Solitude by ChrisCold

The Cold Steps to Solitude

Under Burning Skies by freelancah

Under Burning Skies

Winter Morning by AllexdA

Winter Morning

MBP Romance Wallpaper by Martz90

MBP Romance Wallpaper

Icewind Dale by IrvingGFM

Icewind Dale

The Bridge to Wuyou Temple by polarpoisson

The Bridge to Wuyou Temple

Through The Looking Wall by -kol

Through The Looking Wall

Under Burning Skies by BlPh

Under Burning Skies

pg 212 – wallpaper version by bigbigtruck

pg 212 - wallpaper version

Between The World Wallpaper by MrFolder

Between The World Wallpaper

.164 by bo0xVn


If You Go Down To The Woods Today…. by Cluke111

If You Go Down To The Woods Today....

W16 – Everything’s Clear Now by xmeerzx

W16 - Everything

The rise of the fog by cluster5020

The rise of the fog (1080p)

Lightsfield Wallpaper by JessicaCasciotta

Lightsfield Wallpaper

morning_wallpaper by stormMajki


Harvest by xatDefect


A Dreamy World 115 by grafixeye

A Dreamy World 115

Sand by novoo


River in autumn by irinama

River in autumn

the PERFECT MORNING by wasimagined


Beautiful day in Minecraft by TheEvOlLuTiOnS

Beautiful day in Minecraft

Californian Hills by Balderoine

Californian Hills

foretaste of spring – Wallpape by PatrickRuegheimer

foretaste of spring - Wallpape

Life Rise by hellishere-12

Life Rise

Waiting: Wallpaper by TheLastHuzzah

Waiting: Wallpaper

Maui Wallpaper Pack by DreamerSeven

Maui Wallpaper Pack

California Redwoods by nmsmith

California Redwoods

Croatia Dreaming by Letyi

Croatia Dreaming

Troy Quarry by Hypa00

Troy Quarry

The flight by edelweiss26

The flight

Ray of Hope by ritzyshar59

Ray of Hope

Full bow over Hope Valley by kayaksailor

Full bow over Hope Valley

Wallpaper trial by tariqramad

Wallpaper trial

After rain by LordSkizz

After rain

Sunset Wallpaper by ZodiakDesigns

Sunset Wallpaper

Solitude – Wallpaper by Editor02

Solitude - Wallpaper

Spring Forward by midnighttokerkate

Spring Forward

Winter Wallpapers by Eltu

Winter Wallpapers

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Pack by interiornoise

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Pack

Fjord by xFino


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