10 Best Project Management Tools For Freelancers

Having a project management tool is important for just about any freelancer that is occupied with a project. This is so that everything can be done at the timeline given and it will also ensure that there will be no miscommunication between the client and the freelancer. If you have been looking for a project management tool, here are just some for you to check.

Freelance Cockpit 3

You are a freelancer and you are searching for a tool which helps you to manage your business? Well, then don’t look any further! The idea behind Freelance Cockpit 2 is to provide a tool for every freelancer to bring all important informations together.



Thi is designed and developed for freelancers and small businesses to better manage their clients, invoices, transactions, payment methods, and general customer care. With multiple payment gateways, robust private messaging system, beautiful design interface, with the ability to management unlimited clients, invoices, projects, and payments and have full control over settings, makes Clivo THE CRM of choice among freelancers and small businesses.


Adaptive Client Manager: Management & Invoicing

ACM enables you to track client accounts, create invoices and quotes, automatically generate PDF documents from those invoices and quotes and email them quickly to the client.

Using the latest in web design techniques, the system is designed to look and work perfectly across all operating systems and devices. ACM utilises a modern, clean and responsive design, which responds and is optimised for the device that it is being accessed from – whether it be an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or any other smartphone or tablet.



TimeCase helps you keep track of your time. It is a powerful yet easy to use web application for everyone who wants to see how much time is spent on certain tasks and projects.



clientResponse has been designed to be an easy to use Responsive client management and communication web application built in HTML/CSS, PHP and MySQL with a touch of jQuery. This feature packed system lets you easily access all your project details in one place. You can view your project’s current status, project payments, discussions, view files and more.


Advanced Testimonials Manager System

This script is best suitable for a business, Company, Portfolio, or freelancer Portfolio website as well who wants to display a testimonials on their websites and manage testimonials system without any hassle. With very easy to install steps and easy to use testimonials system via both backend and from end Template works in all the major browsers, and has massive features to use for you to enable or disable the photo of the client of project title , date of the project done and ratings of how the project was done etc. For most of the part you can just follow the codes as guided below for use.



The ClientEngage Project Platform is an online portal which gives you the tools to more closely interact with your clients when you are working together on projects. It provides you with an online platform on which you can interact with your clients. Some of the benefits of ClientEngage are flawless project management, discussions, effortless task assignments and tracking and a secure upload and attachment sharing facility.


Freelance Manager

Powerful, yet simple, project and client management software application. It’s a perfect solution for freelance designers and developers. It also works great for consultants, project managers, and service professionals.



Beautiful & professional project management that you’ll be proud to show to your clients.


Freelancer HQ

Simple, easy to use, powerful and secure client and project management application. You can easily manage all of your clients, staffs, projects, proposals, invoices, estimates, expenses, recurring invoices, payments, support tickets and lot more very easily or Add staffs to manage any/all aspect of the application.



  1. Gretasays:

    Hi, I would like to recommend you a simple application for managing projects in line with Kanban method: http://kanbantool.com/

  2. Tiffanysays:

    basecamp, proofhub and asana works best for most of people. proofhub does come with a free plan, basecamp I don’t know if they do now. I hope this info would help others 🙂

  3. abbey robinssonsays:

    Talygen is another project management tool that helps project managers to manage multiple projects, allocate tasks, share documents and interact with the team. This application works fine on all leading smartphones.

  4. morris jamessays:

    Out of three, to me proofhub seems to be much better because of it’s UI and free plan.

  5. Rosesays:

    The list is quite appreciable, in my knowledge there is project management tool like proofhub which comes with free services facility also.

  6. Jane Berrysays:

    I haven’t tried anything in this list before but I’ll definitely check them out. I’m currently using proofhub for time tracking, collaboration, and project management. I am really happy with this tool. Great post though. Thanks.

  7. William Hackettsays:

    My company started out using Freelance Cockpit, but now that we’ve grown it’s become a little tricky to continue expanding it (although this is an extremely easy process thanks to the Code Igniter framework). Although, once you’re at our stage you can start using solutions from SalesForce.

  8. I’d like to suggest Fanurio (http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com) which is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices. It runs on OS X, Windows, Linux and other flavors of Unix.

    I know that there are many freelancers who prefer to use a desktop application in order to keep their data on their own computers. Since Fanurio is a desktop application, it integrates very well with the platforms it runs on. On OS X, you can easily access timers from the the menu bar and from the dock icon menu. On Windows, you can start a new timer or control the active timer from the thumbnail toolbar or from the tray icon. You can also use global hotkeys to control the timers from within any running application.

    Fanurio is used by many freelancers not just to track time but to bill their clients as well. Fanurio can export invoices to HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word 2007, OpenOffice OpenDocument and other formats so they can be printed or e-mailed. Invoice templates can be created manually, with a visual editor (Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice) or with the built-in template editor.

    I hope this helps.

  9. Bill Jacksays:

    Thanks for sharing this list. I will surely check them out in detail and consider using a few of them for my work. you can also check out proofhub. I’m currently using it as my project management tool and it’s great!

  10. Samsays:

    Thanks for sharing a list of tools for project management. I will check few of the tools you mentioned above, but currently, I am working on indydesk with my team and it’s great. I think you must also this check this once.

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