16 jQuery Plugins & Tutorials For Building Single-Page Websites

Single-page websites have been commonplace on the web for a few years now. First made popular by designers seeking a clean, simple way to showcase portfolios, the one-page website now has a number of uses, including advertising software and promoting events. It’s a great way to have a large impact with a small amount of content. Here are some jQuery plugins & tutorials for building single-page websites.


A simple and easy to use plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites). It allows the creation of fullscreen scrolling websites, as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.


One Page Scroll

Create an Apple-like one page scroller website (iPhone 5S website) with One Page Scroll plugin.



Smint is a simple jQuery plugin that helps with the navigation on one page style websites.

It has 2 main elements, a sticky navigation bar that stays at the top of the page while you scroll down and menu buttons that automatically scroll the page to the section you clicked on.


jQuery Scroll Path

The plugin that lets you define custom scroll paths.



With this plugin, you will easily scroll overflowed elements, and the screen itself. It gives you access to many different options to customize and various ways to specify where to scroll.



A jQuery plugin for effortlessly creating single page web sites.



The One Page Few Page plugin allows you to create grid based one page layouts or you can use for other things if you need a unique style display.



WowBook is jQuery plugin that allows you to create a online publication(like a book or magazine) with 2 different page flipping effects.



Ascensor is a jquery plugin which aims to train and adapt content according to an elevator system


Scroll to Internal Link with jQuery

One page scrolling sites have experienced a huge growth in popularity in web design in recent years. Although this type of site isn’t for everyone, it is still useful to know how they work.


Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 One-Page Website Template

Making a HTML5 web template, using some of the new features brought by CSS3 and jQuery, with the scrollTo plug-in.



This plugin allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Exactly like a curtain rises.



A jQuery plugin for making scrolling presentation decks.


jQuery One Page Navigation Plugin

A lightweight jQuery plugin for the navigation on one-page sites. Uses the ScrollTo Plugin plugin to add smooth scrolling when clicking on the navigation. Also adds a class to the correct navigation items as you are scrolling through the different sections.


Building Single Page Applications With jQuery’s Best Friends

In this tutorial, we’ll be leveraging the jQuery templating plugin to handle rendering our Backbone views and using hash-based routing for the URLs.



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