12 jQuery Plugins To Show Notification Messages

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Notifying users with quick messages and alerts in a website is one of the most recurring needs of a web developer. Here are jQuery plugins that will make that task easy for you.


Notify! is a jQuery Notification Plugin which adds simple notifications bars that you can use on your website and application to assist users while they fill in forms, navigate through pages or interact with interface. Notify can be easily plugged into any website or web application and offer a lot of customization – color, style, message, behavior etc. and perfectly blends in with existing design, color scheme and layout.


jQuery Notification Menu

A jQuery plugin to add notification bubbles and a notification list to any menu.



jquery.notific8 is a notification plug-in that was inspired by the notification style introduced in Windows 8. Use the fields below to test the different options for the plug-in.



A simple but flexible notification plugin with the minimum required functionalities.


Metro Notifications

Metro Notifications is a jQuery plugin that brings the notifications to a new level. You have 6 stylish plugins in one single file.



FooBar is a neat and unobtrusive notification bar that sits at the top of the page that can be used to inform or announce specific info to site visitors. The collapsible bar can be used in unlimited scenarios, including displaying notifications, showing site announcements, product specials, competitions, giveaways, etc. Anything you can think of, really.

With over 30 options, the FooBar can be customized to look however you want. The FooBar helps you increase your social likes, followers etc, helps to promote your products and increase sales, and it helps with gaining more pageviews when used with the RSS feed options.



sNotify is a script which is particularly handy for people who are developing web applications. sNotify allows the developer to display notifications in a fast and easy way.



Noty is a jquery plugin which is have too many options for display notification.


Pines Notify

Pines Notify uses either Bootstrap or jQuery UI for styling, which means it is fully and easily themeable.


Cool notification messages with CSS3 & jQuery

Notification messages are an important part of the user experience and you can’t afford to omit them. A notification alert message should appear every time the user perform important tasks.



jquery-toastmessage-plugin is a JQuery plugin which provides android-like notification messages. It’s a quite nice way to report info or error to the user.


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