8 jQuery Plugins To Display Weather Information

Here are 8 jQuery weather widget and weather plugins. By using these plugins we can easily provide the weather information of any location to our website visitors.


A simple jQuery plugin to display the current weather information for any location using Yahoo! Weather. Developed by James Fleeting.


Open Weather

This plugin allows you to display the location, the current temperature, the current low temperature, the current high temperature, a description of the current weather, a weather icon, the humidity level, the wind speed, the time the sun will rise, and the time the sun will set.



This script will get the geographic location of any user on your website and display a weather status of that particular location on your website. The weather status is pulled using APIs exposed by wunderground.com. Weather status of the current day and the next three days is pulled and available to this widget.


J.B.Weather Widget

J.B.Weather (ver 2.0) is a simple widget for displaying weather conditions and forecast for places across the world.


My Weather – IP

A jQuery plugin to get location using your IP address. You can also check weather in that area. So this plugin will give you useful information about your location. The main effort of this plugin, is give you the information you need easily and bring beautiful animated weather icons. Check the different animation icons: (Unless you are in non HTML5 browser), if this is your case, you only will see an Image.


jQuery Weather Forecasts

This is a jQuery based weather forecast script.



EasyWeather is an amazing plugin that unifies different weather sources in one tiny widget. It currently works with 5 weather providers but it is designed to work with an unlimited number of sources. It implements a cascading fallback mechanism ensuring data is retrieved even if a provider is down or the consumer itself is throttled by a service. If the first provider fails to return the requested information, EasyWeather will contact the next one to maximise the availability of the service. EasyWeather’s engine uses the same mechanism to detect users location and it currently supports 3 different geolocation services.



It is a gorgeous weather widget that you can easily add to your site. It supports multiple units of measurement, time and date formats, geolocation and custom location search for your visitors. It’s device friendly by supporting responsive mode, touch gestures on mobile devices, and CSS3 transitions for optimal performance. It has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your weather widgets at the smallest detail.


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