11 jQuery Plugins For Handling Tabbed Navigation

Below are some jQuery tab plugins, that will be helpful if you are looking for a cool jQuery tab plugin for your website.


PWS Tabs is a lightweight jQuery tabs plugin to create responsive flat style tabbed content panels with some cool transition effects powered by CSS3 animations.

jQuery Tabs Plugin

Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs is a jQuery plugin that provides responsive tab functionality. The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint. You can use this plugin as a solution for displaying tabs elegantly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

responsive tabs jQuery plugin


Codetabs is a great plug-in tabs + slider when integrated gestrue swipe, move between slides really easy on desktop and mobile. No need to switch troublesome dropdown menu as the other plugin on the mobile.

Premium Tabs + Slider For Bootstrap

jQuery idTabs

idTabs is a jQuery plugin for creating simple to advanced tabs. Tabs can be added dynamically, the “selected” tab can be acquired, idTabs can be binded to different events like mouseover.


jQuery Address

The jQuery Address plugin provides powerful deep linking capabilities and allows the creation of unique virtual addresses that can point to a website section or an application state. It enables a number of important capabilities including:



Metrotabs is a light jQuery plugin to create tabs with metro style. You can align tabs positions at anywhere you like ( horizontal/vertical or any way ). The content can be anything ( paragraphs, images, video, iframe, … ), every content is an independent file. When a tab is clicked the content of this tab will be load by ajax method with slide effects. You can customize the style of tabs and content by choose from many styles, many colors/images have already created in CSS file or make new ones by your own.



EasyTabs is a lightweight jQuery plugin to provide full tab functionality, while leaving the styling up to you.


Zozo Tabs

Zozo Tabs is Fully responsive and Touch-Enabled using HTML5 and CSS3 standards for impeccable speed and performance on desktop browsers and most importantly on mobile browsers. It runs and feels just like a native app!. Also allows you to scroll automatically to top of page when clicking on tabs/dropdown menu on smaller screens to show your content.


jQuery UI Bootstrap Tabs

Bring your tabs to life with a simple plugin to toggle between content via tabs.



liteTabs is a lightweight tab plugin for jQuery.



This Jquery plugin lets you easily create tabbed content. All you need is an ul-element with some li-elements and a couple of related content-divs. The major difference between Tabify and it’s competitors is it’s size.


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