10 jQuery Plugins For E-Commerce Website

Below you’ll find 10 jQuery plugins that suitable for ecommerce website.

Fancy Product Designer

The product page is the core of e-commerce websites. It is where most users decide whether or not they’ll purchase a product, so it should be treated with extra attention. The Fancy Product Designer extension takes this concept and kicks it up a notch. It provides you with the tools you need to give users a visual customizer, so they can tweak the aspects you allow.


jQuery Paypal HTML Shop

This plugin will turn your static website into a working paypal shop in 5 minutes! Every currency type is supported and compatible with PayPal.

paypal shop


Mini shop online for sell your product, not need the database or php, but only Html, Css, Javascript and AngularJs.


jQuery Shop Locator

It allows you to show all your markers in one list! List, sort and search your markers!A must have plugin if you have multiple shop locations!

jQuery Shop Locator


jQuery Credit Card Validator detects and validates credit card numbers. It’ll tell you the detected credit card type and whether the number length and Luhn checksum are valid for the type of card.


Product Colorizer jQuery Plugin

productColorizer is a light-weight solution for users to quickly preview a product in different colors. The plugin uses only two images per product to create the effect and it is built on top of the robust and popular Javascript framework jQuery, providing you with an easy setup. The plugin works in all major browsers including IE7+ (will work with IE6 if you use a png fix).


JQuery XML Store Shop

This is easy to use fully XML Driven Store / Shop / Shopping Cart built using JQuery & Twitter Bootstrap Framework . Its having 2 options for the checkout Using PayPal or/and Submit order by Email.


PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPalShop – nice looking, ready to use PayPal shopping cart made with jQuery. It’s fast and lightweight as it does not require database or server scripts to work. Your customers can purchase multiple items and pay quickly with paypal for everything at once.


Cloud Zoom

Cloud Zoom is a popular fly-out jQuery image zoom plugin used on many high profile retail sites. Continuous improvement, regular updates and technical support make it a favoured choice for busy developers who need a mature and reliable jQuery image zoom solution for their clients.


jQuery Reel PLugin

Reel is an established jQuery plugin for 360° object movies, vistas and panoramas. It is a full-featured enhancement of img HTML tag used on 100+ websites around the globe including leading brands like Nikon, BMW, Adidas or Blackberry, government agencies, non-profits, businesses and individuals to embrace their visitors and enrich their user experience.


Ajaxed Sliding Shopping Cart With jQuery

This is a detailed tutorial which shows creating an unobtrusive Ajaxed shopping cart using jQuery & PHP and can guide you to Ajaxify any e-commerce software you may already be using or coding. The main functions of the cart will be adding/removing items to the basket without the need of refreshing the page & displaying the actions with effects.

img src=”https://bashooka.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/jqprdt-7.jpg” alt=”jqprdt-7″ title=”jqprdt-7″ width=”690″ height=”486″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-17481″ />


Beautiful advanced tag filtering with HTML5 and jQuery.


AJAX Paypal Cart

AJAX PayPal Cart is a easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to add a full function shopping cart in their website. The AJAX cart can included a cart widget which allow display of cart information easily. Support PayPal Website Payment Standard.



  1. Mark Bagshawsays:

    I think that store locater plug in would work so well with the site I’m working on at the moment, Thanks for a great selection! http://www.absoluteshoppingcart.co.uk/

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