6 jQuery Caching Plugins

Here are 6 jQuery caching plugins that can be really helpful in improving the performance of your web applications.

jQuery plugin for caching forms using HTML5 local storage

Have you ever started filling out a form or blog post only to have your session to expire or your browser to crash losing all of your work in the process? HTML5 introduced the concept of browser storage mechanisms. HTML5 storage has the ability to store string values in either local or session variables. The localStorage variable can persists across sessions and can be of any size. This behavior is similar to a cookie, however it does not suffer from the same limitations.



Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. “4 minutes ago” or “about 1 day ago”) from ISO 8601 formatted dates and times embedded in your HTML (à la microformats).



Asynchronous Template Loading and Caching for jQuery Templates.



Royal Preloader gives you the ability to preload assets in a loading screen and display the website instantly once it finishes preloading. It comes with 8 pre-designed loaders, full API options to config it to suit your needs and is super easy to install. All web browsers and mobile devices are also fully supported.



This is a simple jQuery plugin for pre-caching images. The plugin can be used to eliminate flashes of unstyled content (FOUC) and improve perceived page load time. Callbacks for load, error and abort events are provided.


jQuery DOM Cache

It is a plugin for caching DOM elements and collections preventing overuse of selector lookups on persistent DOM structures.


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