12 Javascript Libraries For Touch-Enabled Mobile Sliders

On touch screen devices you swipe left or right to browse through different images. In the similar way touch enabled sliders allow you to swipe left or right to browse through different slides of the slider. It makes it really easy task for users to use sliders on your website. These sliders are not difficult to implement. Touch enabled sliders can be added in the same way as you add other sliders to your website or a blog.


RoyalSlider is easy to use jQuery image gallery and content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. As navigation you can use thumbnails, tabs or bullets. Use it as image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation. Developed in best practises of HTML5, CSS3 transitions are used for all animations (with fallback).



Sequence.js is a refreshing and modern take on website sliders. Using just HTML and CSS, Sequence allows you to create your own responsive slider with unique transitional styles. No instance of Sequence need ever be the same. There are no limitations and no in-built themes. Supported in modern desktop browsers, mobile browsers and even in old versions of Internet Explorer via a traditional fallback theme.



TouchCarousel is mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery content scroller with touch navigation for mobile and desktop. May be used as carousel, banner rotator and image gallery.


OneByOne Slider Plugin

The OneByOne Slider is a lightweight, responsive & layered jQuery plugin you can use to display your image and text one by one. The CSS3 animation is driven by Animate.css. It’s mobile friendly, which support wipe left/right on your touch device like iPhone & iPad. You can drag and drop to navigate with your mouse too.



Swiper – is the free and ultra lightweight mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions.



Hammer is a small javascript library that triggers gesture events on your page. It’s not about components or other cool stuff, just the events. If you want those components, you might want to take a look at jQuery Mobile or similar projects.


Dragdealer JS

Dragdealer is a drag-based JavaScript component that embraces endless front-end solutions. Elegantly crafted for JavaScript-aware coders.



Swipe.js is great little gallery plugin to give you responsive taste without any hassle. It is opensource and being committed by many developers on gitHub for further development. On mobile devices the image can be swiped using the thumb.



PhotoSwipe is a FREE HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically targeting mobile devices.



The Responsive jQuery Content Slider with advanced touch / swipe support built-in.



A free responsive jQuery slider toolkit. Supported in all major browsers with custom navigation options and touch swipe support.



This Zuper Slider uses unobtrusive javascript and a powerful configuration panel for effects and design elements to transform a block of simple HTML markup into a beautiful elegant slider. When we create the Zuper Slider is lightweight, fast loading, mobile ready, responsive, easy to use,has multiple skins and much more. Zuper Slider is the most complex and powerful slider that you can use.


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