30 Great HTML5 Video & Audio Players

HTML5 video & udio players are video players which you can watch streaming videos & audios on without the need to install any additional add-on or plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player or Java on your HTML5 compatible web browsers. Rather than load up a Silverlight or Flash player, you can just wrap a file URL in video tags and the video will play natively in the most recent crop of browsers In this post we have collected some great html5 video & audio players for your next project.


Plyr is a simple, lightweight HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo player you can use to play your media video and audio files. Plyr supports all major browsers, works with Bootstrap and is easy to customize to fit your needs.



Customizable, extensible, accessible and framework agnostic media player. Modern alternative to Video.js and Plyr. Supports HTML5, HLS, Dash, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…



Movie focused HTML5 Player.



Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video, today. This is also known as an “HTML5 Video Player”. Video.js provides a common controls skin built in HTML/CSS, fixes cross-browser inconsistencies, adds additional features like fullscreen and subtitles, manages the fallback to Flash or other playback technologies when HTML5 video isn’t supported, and also provides a consistent JavaScript API for interacting with the video.



Flowplayer is an open-source video player you can use to embed video streams on your website.



A free, open source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in Javascript. It solves cross browser and compatibility issues, adds eye candy and provides extremely powerful non standard features. To explain the mission´s goal simple: Create the best HTML5 centric media player out there – period.



LeanBack Player is a Javascript based HTML5 Media Player UI that uses build-in HTML5 video and audio element functionality of standard browsers, platforms and devices. It’s very easy to integrate, it’s skinnable by using CSS, it’s independent of any other javascript libraries and it’s adaptable by using extensions.



Easy Html5 Video is free for non-commercial use.



FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that falls back to Flash for incompatible browsers. The player can be customized easily using CSS-HTML and JS with its theming support (and already ships with 3 themes: default, spotify and Vimeo).



Dailymotion supports all browers, snapshot, explode effect, and frame by frame view. Other than that, there are Facebook & twitter icons where you can share the video directly through the video player.


JQuery Html5 Video Player

This is a fantastic HTML5 video player based on jQuery JavaScript Library. This script doesn’t require any extra Browser Plugins to display HTML5 videos. It features a beautiful and unified UI on all desktop browsers and supports fullscreen in Window Mode.



HTML5 video and audio made easy. One file. Any browser. Same UI.


HTML5 Multimedia Gallery

CCGallery is a HTML5 multimedia gallery. It is very simple to use and can be configured easily through a XML file. It acts as a template which displays all your images, audio files and video files in a sleek and attractive interface. You get to browse the items in Coverflow mode or in a Thumbnail grid mode. You can easily switch between the two display modes and can even filter the items by displaying only images, or audio files, or video files. CCGallery has been designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to browse through a large number of items and also with enough eye candy!



jPlayer is the completely free and open source (GPL/MIT) media library written in JavaScript. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. jPlayer’s comprehensive API allows you to create innovative media solutions while support and encouragement is provided by jPlayer’s active and growing community.



Moonify is a clean and crisp custom skin for the open source HTML5 video player VideoJS. The skin is is carefully crafted in HTML and CSS with pixel perfect graphics.



Acorn Media Player is a jQuery plugin implementing a custom HTML5 video player with a special focus on accessiblity and customization.



Kaltura is noteworthy in that it is the first open source online video platform. It is made up of several different applications, including ones for video uploading, video transcoding, video editing and video publishing.


Video for Everybody!

Video for Everybody is simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 video element, falling back to Flash automatically without the use of JavaScript or browser-sniffing.



MediaFront is an open source HTML5 video player with Flash fallback capabilities. The player can be used on standalone web pages or a CMS version is available for Drupal (with Joomla and WordPress offerings in the works). Because the player is open source, you may use it however you’d like at no cost and even modify the source code if you wish.


HTML5 Video Player with Playlist

This HTML5 video player comes in two versions: Right Side playlist and Bottom Playlist.



Developers who do not have a platform and want to host their own video content, can use Akamai’s globally available Open Video Player for HTML5 developer toolkit to simplify the task of creating flexible HTML5 based video player applications for delivery of HTTP content.


Player Framework by Microsoft

An open source, robust video player framework for Windows 8, HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other application platforms.


HTML5 video

HTML5 video and audio tags were designed to make embedding a video as easy as embedding an image. They were also designed to give users a faster experience by doing away with browser plugins such as Adobe Flash.



Popcorn.js is an HTML5 media framework written in JavaScript for filmmakers, web developers, and anyone who wants to create time-based interactive media on the web.



Comes out of the box in two variations and with incredible options of customization: Flexible dimensions, unlimited colors and two different button sets for light and dark themes. Easy to set up. Just a few lines of Javascript and a quantum CSS.



ZEN audio player is the latest HTML5-CSS3 experiment from Simurai, and it makes me yearn for the not-too-distant future when all browsers will support such things.



It uses native audi> where available and an invisible flash player to emulate audio for other browsers. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css.


Old School Cassette Player

If you don’t know what a cassette is, you were probably born in the digital high-tech era, an era that is undoubtedly exciting and innovative. On the other hand, if you know what an audio cassette is, you belong to the older generation, the analog dinosaurs that know the painful connection between a pen and a cassette tape.



MusicBox – Powerful HTML5 Music Player ensures functionality in older browsers by using the audio tag with flash fallback.


HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist

An ultimate HTML5 audio player for your website!



Use HTML5 audio and jQuery to create a digital boombox. Creating a quality HTML5 audio player just got easy.



Using HTML5 and Flash, SoundManager 2 provides reliable cross-platform audio under a single JavaScript API.



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