20 Helpful CSS in React JavaScript Libraries

CSS in Javascript is one member of a family of front end methodologies recently invented by a small group of developers at Facebook. It is a tool wherein you write your CSS in a Javascript-like representation of CSS, and the resulting CSS can be output to a stylesheet, or can be inlined for easy use with React components. So today I’ve gathered a list of time-saving, useful 20 Helpful CSS in React JavaScript Libraries for you. I hope that these tools will help you to improve your skills as well as your professional workflow.

1. Styled Components

Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress.

Styled Components

2. Emotion

Emotion is a performant and flexible CSS-in-JS library. Building on many other CSS-in-JS libraries, it allows you to style apps quickly with string or object styles. It has predictable composition to avoid specificity issues with CSS. With source maps and labels, Emotion has a great developer experience and great performance with heavy caching in production.


3. Styletron

Styletron is an universal toolkit for component-oriented styling. It falls into the CSS in JS category. Styletron works great with React but can be used with other frameworks or plain JS as well.


4. Radium

A toolchain for React component styling.


5. Linaria

Write CSS in JS and get real CSS files during build. Use dynamic prop based styles with the React bindings and have them transpiled to CSS variables automatically. Great productivity with source maps and linting support.


6. Aphrodite

Framework-agnostic CSS-in-JS with support for server-side rendering, browser prefixing, and minimum CSS generation.


7. Babel Plugin

A plugin for Babel v6 which transforms inline styles defined in JavaScript modules into class names so they become available to, e.g. the className prop of React elements. While transforming, the plugin processes all JavaScript style definitions found and bundles them up into a CSS file, ready to be requested from your web server.

Babel Plugin-css-in-js

8. Jss

JSS is an authoring tool for CSS which allows you to use JavaScript to describe styles in a declarative, conflict-free and reusable way. It can compile in the browser, server-side or at build time in Node.


9. Csjs

CSJS allows you to write modular, scoped CSS with valid JavaScript.


10. Cssx

CSSX is not only about writing vanilla CSS in JavaScript. Even though you get this the main idea here is to have a good API for managing styles. CSSX doesn’t inline styles so you keep your markup clean. It works directly with injected stylesheets.


11. Glamor

It offers true JavaScript approach with all the CSS rules and styles written as objects in the native JavaScript context, rather than strings.


12. Hyperstyles

Transparently apply CSS Modules to hyperscript-compatible DOM builders, such as virtual-hyperscript and React.


13. Jsxstyle

jsxstyle is an inline style system for React and Preact. It provides a best-in-class developer experience without sacrificing performance, and has little regard for existing CSS orthodoxy.


14. Styled Tools

Useful interpolated functions for CSS-in-JS.

Styled Tools

15. Glam

Crazy good css in your js.


16. Nano Css

Distilled CSS-in-JS for gourmet developers.

Nano Css

17. Picostyle

Ultra small CSS in JS library in 0.4 KB.


18. Postcss Js

PostCSS for React Inline Styles, Free Style and other CSS-in-JS.

Postcss Js

19. Facepaint

Responsive style values for css-in-js.


20. J2c

A lean, no hassle CSS in JS solution. Scales from standalone use to isomorphic apps. Compatible with any framework/view library. Supports building either inline styles of full style sheets.


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