44 Creative & Fun Toggle Switch Button Examples

Toggle buttons are these amazing UI components that provide functionality to switch between states, like pause and play, on and off, active and inactive. It allows the user to change a setting between two or more states. Most common toggle button is used as On/Off button in preferences. So here are 45 amazing and fun toggle switch buttons using CSS and Javascript I found on CodePen.

Egg Toggle

How do you like your eggs?  Another mini-mashup with Bodymovin and GreenSock.

Pure CSS Bat Sleep Toggle

Pure CSS Bat Sleep Toggle

Gender Toggle Button

Gender Toggle Button

Bauble Toggle

Choose your colour!  A bauble toggle made with SVG in ReactJS with GreenSock.

Day And Night Toggle

I'm having a break from food-based toggles!

Wimbledon Toggle

This is so pointless it hurts but lots of fun to make!

Sushi Toggle

Salmon or cucumber?

Light Bulb Toggle Switch

A custom checkbox that features a light bulb's on/off state in the fashion of a toggle switch

Kitty Toggle

A simple checkbox toggle improved by being made into a cat.

Checkbox Rocker Toggle Switch

An HTML checkbox form element styled as a rocker toggle switch.

Happy Switches

Happy Switches

Checkboxes And Visual Affordance Indicators

Unchecked, Checked, Disabled, Enabled.

I/o Codepen

Do you live or love codepen?

Naughty Or Nice Toggle

Naughty Or Nice Toggle

Falcon Toggle

A toggle inspired by the jump to hyperspace

Toggle Switch With Checkbox:checked

Round switch button in css with animation cleaned up.

Pure CSS “Day And Night” Toggle

Saw this dribbble shot by Rappora, loved it, wanted to see it alive.

Toggle Buttons / On-off Switches

Day night toggle button, elastic toggle button or on-off switches.

Theme Switcher

Theme Switcher

SVG Face Toggle In CSS And Js (Greensock)

An animated SVG face toggle with JS/GreenSock and CSS variations. Pick your flavor.

Toy Toggle Switch

What a toggle switch may look like if on a Little Tikes product, considering the plastic look

Weird Gross Toggler

a weird gross toggler with a `checkbox` input, some CSS, pseudo elements, and a SVG filter.

Checkbox Animation With Purecss

Front-end Exercise

Draggable Skeuomorph Switch – Toggle

Draggable Skeuomorph Switch

A Confusing Toggle Button

A Confusing Toggle Button / Toggle Switch Using HTML And CSS

Easy Dark Mode With Sass

Easy Dark Mode With Sass

Light Switch Toggle

Just whipping up a little power toggle switch in (mostly) CSS!

Pure CSS Minimal Toggle

Toggle with just CSS. Enjoy it!

An Actual Pure CSS Checkbox Slider

Lotta people use JS for the text changes but you don't need to.



Checkbox Toggle Animation

Is it a checkbox? Is it a toggle? Is it a switch?

Funny Switch

Funny Switch - CSS Checkbox



On/off Toggle Switch

CSS only animated checkbox toggle on/off switch

CSS Flip Check

CSS Flip Check

Gooey Toggle Switch

Gooey checkbox CSS only



Pure CSS Toggle Buttons

Pure CSS Toggle Buttons


The first 2 are designed with depth and lighting

Switch Button

Switch button coding from dribble still needing some fixes

Pure CSS Bulb Switch

Simple switch

Implementation Of Liquid Button

Implementation Of Liquid Button

Pure CSS Toggle Buttons

Collection of toggle buttons / on-off switches which can be practically used in a website.

Vampire Bat

Animated SVG bat which when you click turns into a vampire!

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