9 Cool jQuery Plugins December 2012

Every month we do a round-up where we introduce fresh and cool jQuery plugins to designers and developers. Here are 9 jQuery plugins so you can prepare to develop a more interactive and visually appealing website.


mlens is the magnifying glass jQuery plugin by musings.it


Long Press

Long Press is a jQuery plugin to ease the writing of accented or rare characters.



Pep was built out of a need for kinetic drag support for both mobile and desktop devices (click & drag). It uses the best of jQuery’s animate functions along with CSS3 animations to bring full-blown kinetic drag that works on all HTML5-ready devices.



A html5 widget that allows users to take their avatar pictures on your site.


Fancy Product Designer

Let me introduce the first Product Designer here on codecanyon. You can use this plugin for any type of product. Use it as T-Shirt Designer, Business Card Designer, Device Designer….no limits! You do not need any vectors files for the plugin, you just set png images for your elements and you tell the plugin which element can be colorized by the user. If its can be colorized, the image will be converted in a HTML5 canvas element.


Select2 3.2

Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results. Look and feel of Select2 is based on the excellent Chosen library.


App Folders plugin for jQuery

Use jQuery to create iOS-like App Folders on any website. They can contain any content and be styled in any way.



jQuery plugin for loading random images from LoremPixel service.



Inspired heavily by the jQuery Masonry plugin (http://masonry.desandro.com/), Shapeshift is a plugin which will dynamically arrange a collection of elements into a grid in their parent container. An example of this behavior is what you can find at sites like http://www.pinterest.com.


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