10 Challenging Game That Will Test Your Javascript Skills

If you’re bored with games where you run around shooting soldiers or monsters, how about a game where you shoot enemies to win computer code snippets that you can then use to shape the reality around you? So Here are some really fun and challenging games that require your Javascript coding skills in order to achieve victory.

Elevator Saga

Your task is to program the movement of elevators, by writing a program in JavaScript. The goal is to transport people in an efficient manner. Depending on how well you do it, you can progress through the ever more difficult challenges. Only the very best programs will be able to complete all the challenges.

Elevator saga


This is a game designed to teach JavaScript and artificial intelligence in a fun, interactive way.



The game presents you with a roguelike-like playing environment and a console window with the JavaScript code generating each level. As loaded, each level is unbeatable, and most of the JavaScript is blocked from editing. The challenge is to open a path to the next level using only the limited tools left open to you.



Multiplayer programming game for learning how to code.



Write best Javascript robot you can and battle against 30000+ other robots.



Screeps is about scripting your creeps. No point and clicking any longer! You write real JavaScript which controls your units autonomously. Any time, everywhere, even while you are offline.


Javascript Battle

The yellow king and the blue king are at war! your javascript skills are needed to determine the victor: Can you code an effective ai for honor and glory?

Javascript battle


CodeWars is a great way to learn the basics of writing code. They currently support Ruby, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript.



You learn programming by completing dares. These are short puzzles in which you have to copy the example, in as few lines of code as possible. They start simple, and become more difficult as you progress.



Codingame is a website where you write a small part of game in the language you prefer let the website compile it & run it against several pre-defined testcases see the result graphically.


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