12 Best Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugins

Typically a lightbox is used to overlay larger versions of photos on top of a page when you click on their smaller counterparts. So here are responsive plugins that allow you to easily create the most beautiful overlay windows using the jQuery Javascript library.


Replicating and improving the lightbox module seen on Medium with fluid transitions.



Don’t be fooled by Featherlight’s small footprint! It’s smart, responsive, supports images, ajax and iframes out of the box and you can adapt it to your needs.


Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is focused on performance and providing best experience for user with any device (Zepto.js compatible).


Flare Responsive Mobile-Optimized Lightbox Plugin

Flare is a custom responsive and touch-enabled lightbox plugin that is also optimized for mobile use. You can use this to show your videos and images – single or the whole gallery.


Use hardware acceleratation on CSS transforms. Fallbacks to standard jquery animation in older browers.


Nivo Lightbox

There are a tonne of jQuery lightbox plugins in the world but none of them are as simple to set up and use as the Nivo Lightbox while still offering the flexibility and accessibility available with the Nivo Lightbox. It is responsive, retina-ready and simple to setup for mobile too.



A jQuery plugin, light, powerful and easy to use. Chocolat enable you to display one or several images staying on the same page. The choice is left to the user to group together a series of pictures as a link, or let them appear as thumbnails. The viewer may appears full-page or in the block page.



Swipebox is a jQuery “lightbox” plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet.



Slimbox 2 is a 4 KB visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the jQuery javascript library. It was designed to be very small, efficient, standards-friendly, fully customizable, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox 2.



It can be used to create stunning overlays that work great at any screen size, in all browsers on every device.To make things even more awesome Fresco comes with fullscreen zoom, retina-ready skins, support for swipe events, Youtube and Vimeo integration for HTML5 video and a powerful Javascript API.



iLightBox allows you to easily create the most beautiful responsive overlay windows using the jQuery JavaScript library. By combining support for a wide range of media with gorgeous skins and a user-friendly API, iLightBox aims to push the Lightbox concept as far as possible.


Titan Lightbox

TITAN is an awesome lightbox gallery script which supports a wide assortment of images, html content, maps, and videos. It is built around jQuery & HTML5 and is both easy to implement and customize.



Lightbox where every image, video and song can be individually shared. This means when someone “likes” one of your photos, when a friend clicks on the shared link, they’ll instantly be shown the exact photo that was originally shared.


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