8 jQuery Drop Down Menu Plugins

Drop-down menus are a necessary ‘evil’ for any complex web-development project. Whether you’re working on the admin-area of a web-application, or building a simple UI, drop-down menus are almost indispensable. But you may not feel all that excited creating a drop-down menus of your own when you have these plugins to make the task easier. These jQuery drop down menu plugins don’t need you to write complex CSS styles to create a super-simple drop-down menu.


A free light weight jQuery plugin that allows you to create a custom drop down with images and description.



Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it degrades gracefully without JavaScript).


Smooth Navigational Menu

Smooth Navigation Menu is a multi level, CSS list based menu powered using jQuery that makes website navigation a smooth affair. And that’s a good thing given the important role of this element in any site. The menu’s contents can either be from direct markup on the page, or an external file and fetched via Ajax instead. And thanks to jQuery, a configurable, sleek “slide plus fade in” transition is applied during the unveiling of the sub menus. The menu supports both the horizontal and vertical (sidebar) orientation.


Mega Menu

This Mega Drop Down Menu Complete Set is perfect for creating unique menus by using one of the 9 jQuery effects and one of the 13 color variants.


Smart Menu

Smart Menu is simple JavaScript driven menu, which is written on top of jQuery framework.


Drop Menu

With this script you can make nice and interactive drop down menus. The advantage of this script is that it not only gives you the ability to make list drop down menu.


jDropDown Menu

The jDropdown plugin differs from most other dropdown menu scripts in that, instead of showing/hiding the existing list, the dropdowns are created as new DOM objects and appended directly to the BODY tag. This means that they should appear above all other elements on the page.


jQuery MegaMenu 2

Here is a simple jQuery plugin to create an unbloated MegaMenu in seconds.



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