26 Amazing CSS Clocks

Clocks don’t have to be boring. Of course, clocks need need to remain usable and display current time; however, they can do it in a number of creative ways. So here are 26 amazing clocks made using pure CSS and JavaScript is only used to get the current time.

Rotate Clock

rotate clock CSS only

Wall Clock in Pure CSS3

Pure CSS3. No scripts. No images. No SVG.

Pure CSS analog clock

CSS3 Clock



Hex Clock

Color clock

Pure HTML and CSS Braun Clock

Braun clock created in pure HTML and CSS for fun.

Glitch Clock

Glitch Clock

CSS only clock of clocks

CSS only clock of clocks

CSS Rotary Clock

CSS Rotary Clock

Analog Clock written in CSS3 using SASS

Analog Clock CSS3 (SASS)

A futuristic (Tron-style) ring clock


Flat Clock

flat design clock

Word clock

word clock

CSS Clock


Human clock

human clock

Flip Clock

flip clock

CSS-Only Countdown Clock


Falling Hours

Falling hour

Flat Clock and Date

Flat Clock and Date

Percent Clock

Percent Clock

Long Shadow Clock

Long shadow clock

Millisecond countdown clock

Countdown clock

SVG clock UI

SVG Clock UI

Morph clock

morph clock

Calendar and Clock

Calendar and Clock

Neon Clock

Neon clock

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