15 Cool jQuery Navigation Menus

When designing a website, the most important element is the navigation menu. It is responsible for guiding users to each part of the website and is the most interacted with part of the user experience. So here are some cool jQuery navigation menus to help user to navigate around various pages of website.

Responsive Mega Menu for Bootstrap 3+

Create Beautiful MegaMenu navbar for your site. Using CSS3 Animation & Small Java Script It provides a modern app style navigation look in your website.



Slinky.js is a jQuery plugin for creating beautiful scrolling navigation lists with stacking headers.



Animated anchor navigation made easy with jQuery.



A jQuery plugin that modifies a navigation menu to highlight or change when the menu’s target smooth scrolls into view.



A small CSS3 and jQuery plugin for app style drawer menu.



This plugin can help you add keyboard navigation to your website or app.



Multi-level slide navigation with session storage and accordion effect for JQuery.


Responsive Off-Screen Navigation jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin for a responsive Navigation concept.


Stairway Hover Nav

I love that pattern. It means we don’t have to do any fancy crap checking if the object contains certain keys and ensuring they aren’t blank and blah blah. If you pass in a value for “stairs”, that’s what ends up in the options object. If you don’t, it gets a default value. Cool.



Menuzord is a responsive megamenu pack to help you to define a modern navigation for your website.


Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion

Easy responsive tabs – is a lightweight jQuery plugin which optimizes normal horizontal or vertical tabs to accordion on multi devices.


Vertical Responsive Navigation

Vertical Responsive Navigation is a navigation component based in CSS and Javascript code. It’s responsive navigation, collapsible on mobile devices, has two themes and 12 preset colors.


Pull-Out Content Panel

This panel has been created to fit into any website with a clean and professional design. It can be fixed on the left or on the right and can contain any type of content : headings, texts, lists, images, videos, etc. The custom scrollbars packed in this menu will automatically appear when needed and if you need to add even more content, you can use the infinite carousel to scroll between each part of the panel.



slimMenu is a lightweight jQuery plugin, which is made to create responsive and multi-level navigation menus on the fly.



stickUp is a jQuery plugin, which you can implement on any webpage alongside jQuery. You can easily make any element, on any page, stick to the top of the browser window as the user scrolls past it. This feature is excellent for navigation menus, logos and/or contact information, which you may want the user to see at all times.


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