21 Useful Image Animation WordPress Plugins

Image Animation can be a powerful tool to bring life to a website and engage visitors with background, illustrations, parallax scrolling, cinemagraphs, and more. So in this post we`re going to look at 21 Useful Image Animation WordPress Plugins that you use to create an attractive website.

Animate It!

When it comes to finding the best animation plugin for your WordPress site, you’ll want something that’s user-friendly, optimized, and easy to use. For simple and quick CSS3 animations on your photography content, this is easily one of the most popular options on the market. It offers more than fifty different animations to choose on, from flips and bounces to pulses and flashes.

Animate It!

Animatrix Images

It allows you to easily enhance and animate your images with dots and lines. Animated images with a responsive layout and an easy WYSIWYG admin area editor of dots and lines are just a few of the capabilities of this plugin. You can create all types of animations, shapes, logos, or just progress bars and web elements. You can add dot titles, descriptions, links and even images and icons for each dot. Sizes of dots and animations of the pulse are also changeable in the admin area.

Animatrix Images

Multipurpose Before After Slider

Want to showcase your case studies and demonstrate difference between original Vs. new image? This plugin can help you do that easily and effectively. This plugin is designed to compare two different images, considering simplicity at it’s core.

Multipurpose Before After Slider


The plugin allows to create unlimited image sizes, regenerate the thumbs and to add css filters and animations directly from WP’s Media Section.

Imager – Amazing Image Tool for WordPress


It is a simple, yet powerful plugin that lets you select an image of your choice and pin stuff on it. It offers several embedded pins which offer special functionality, as well as the ability to import your own pins with the basic functionality. It is very intuitive and easy to use, and it will take but moments to set up your image with pins and customize the content connected to each of these pins.

iMapper - WordPress Image Mapper / Pinner, Add Interactive Pins to Your Photos, Select Image and Pin

Smart Product Viewer

This is a best selling 360 degree product animation plugin designed for WordPress e-Commerce sites. This 360 degree WordPress Plugin is perfect to showcase products you sell, it allows a customer to see your product in detail with a full 360 degree spin view or understand how the product works with flawless step-by-step animation. It’s simple to install and easily customizable with lots of options to choose from.

Smart Product Viewer

Hover Effects Pack

This hover effects pack plugin allows you to add image via shortcode, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin Pagebuilder or Widget and set hover animation, text animation and text delay. Also this plugin has options page, where you can select colors for color layer and text.

Hover Effects Pack - WordPress Plugin

Flat 360 degree Panoramic Image Viewer

The Flat Panoramic Image Viewer takes static flat rectilinear panorama photography and uses WordPress to add hotspots and scrolling for an ultra-realistic viewing experience. And yes, it supports the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor!

To bring life to your static panorama photographs, our Flat Panoramic Viewer plugin is the answer you have been looking for. Manipulating your original photography so that your end user has the most immersive user experience possible, our plugin allows you to give users a 360 degree right and left rotation and provides extra functionality enabling hotspots via linking a map element to the image without any extra configuration required.

Flat 360° Panoramic Image Viewer - Responsive WordPress Plugin

Image Hover Effects

This is an impressive hover effects collection.It is Fastest and Simplest plugin which apply over 40 hover effect to images on front end. A bunch of options can be made by admin to customize these hover effects. It won’t use any JS API. Pure CSS3 is used to render apply effect fastly.

Image Hover Effects - WordPress Plugin

Smart Logo Showcase

This is a WordPress logo showcase plugin packaged with 30 beautiful pre-designed templates. With this fully responsive logo showcase builder, you can display logo images, however you like and configure it to the most. Use different layouts available and showcase your client/ sponsor/ partner/ brand logo in a visually appealing way.

Smart Logo Showcase - Responsive Clients Logo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

WPBakery Page Builder Add-on

It requires WPBakery Page Builder to be installed and activated on your site. Add Image Overlay and Flip Box in the WPBakery Page Builder. Give user the flexibility to display card related content, card content support text, image and icon.

WPBakery Page Builder Add-on - Image Overlay & Flip Box

Marvelous Hover Effects

This is Visual Composer Add-ons. It is a collection of over 50 beautiful Hover effects or Tilt effects that helps you to easily create magnificent interactive IMAGES or GRID in your website. This gives you a pack of customizing options to style your images with caption or grid layout such as post grid, page grid… Power your website with this impressive and modern trend!

Marvelous Hover Effects | Visual Composer Add-ons

SVG Animation Engine for WordPress

This is a port of jQuery plugin to WordPress which lets you animate any vector graphic presented as SVG files in many different ways when your vector illustrations become visible in a user’s browser viewport. Also you can allow an animation to be repeated when user click or tap your graphic. All animation data are stored in SVG code itself which lets you port it to any domain. The Animation Editor, which is included in the download package, can help you to add these data in a WISIWYG mode.

SVG Animation Engine for WordPress


It is a WordPress plugin that lets you tag your images with any web content, so making them more interactive. Using this plugin, you can take any image and tag it with practically any web hosted content, such as hyperlinks to webpages, albums hosted on photo services, videos and countless other things. Basically, if an online hosted digital content has a unique URL, chances are that you can tag it on your image using this plugin.

ImageLinks - Interactive Image Builder for WordPress

Ultimate Image Filters WordPress Plugin

It is a WordPress Plugin that integrates directly into your WordPress admin’s Media Manager and adds filters that you can use to enhance your photos for your site.

Ultimate Image Filters WordPress Plugin

Instagram Feed Gallery

It is a premium WordPress plugin for creating graceful Instagram feed media walls of Instagram public posts. The plugin lets you aggregate and stream posts of Instagram accounts, hashtags and locations. And the great thing is that you can mix any of Instagram feeds in the same social media wall.

Instagram Feed Gallery — Grace for WordPress

Multilayer Parallax WordPress Plugin

It is a wordpress plugin that allows you to create beautiful parallax sections with more that one layer. Be creative, combine layers in any style you want.

D.ex - Multilayer Parallax WordPress Plugin

Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress

It is the WordPress plugin that lets you create awesome virtual tours for your customers without advanced programming knowledge. Using the built-in builder you can easily upload your panoramic photos, add hotspots that allow the user to navigate from one scene to another, add popover windows to point out important information about any part of the scene.

iPanorama 360° - Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress


Finally, a WordPress plugin that gives you the power, speed and ease you always wanted to upgrade your content/images and push life into your website.

imgMCE - Professional, Animated Image Editor & HTML5 content builder

Image Showcase for Cornerstone

It is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase images using different hover animation effects. This plugin adds a new element named as Image Showcase to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 30 different types of hover effects and stles for the Images.

Image Showcase for Cornerstone

Image Caption Hover Effects

It is a Multi Purpose WordPress Plugin to display Images and Captions with 70+ CSS3 Animations. Responsive Grid for Images along with Pop Up Support.

Image Caption Hover Effects


  1. Floriansays:

    I love the possibility of implementing Lottie animations to WordPress pages and posts! But I want to use a couple of animations in a slider. Unfortunately all slider modules (I’m using WordPress with Elementor) only accept real photo or video files from the media library. Any ideas?

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