15 Best WordPress Plugins For Creative Freelancers

If you’re a freelance web designer or developer, there’s no doubt that many of your projects will be constructed using WordPress. And if you’re an experienced WordPress user, you know that well-built plugins can make life much easier for you. So here are 15 best WordPress plugins for creative freelancers should have.

10 Best Free Front-End Frameworks For WordPress

Frameworks are used by designers and WordPress developers as a foundation for other themes. They are usually used as a parent theme for other designs however sometimes they are simply modified by users to suit their needs. In this post we list 10 the most popular WordPress theme frameworks.

12 Great Plugins For WordPress To Track Your Website Stats

Statistical plugins are very important for blog administrators and writers. The statistics help one to know about the visitors: how many are visiting the blog, which are the most popular post/pages and from where the traffic is coming and other such information. Here are 12 Great Plugins For WordPress To Track Your Website Stats which every blog admin/writer should know and preferably use.

15 Super Stunning Portfolio WordPress Themes 2019

Most people working as creative freelancers should consider to have an online portfolio. It is a really powerful tool for reaching out to existing clients and get potential customers attention. I think you will certainly find collections of portfolio themes for WordPress useful as a source for inspiration, but you may also get lucky and find a theme you can use to quickly rool out your portfolio website.

8 Great WordPress Search Plugins

It’s a fact that good search functionality means a more usable website, which means more time people spend on your website, which then means more conversions. Native WordPress search functionality, although constantly improving, has never been up to the task. Here are 8 Great WordPress Search Plugins to improve search results.

9 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2013

Securing the WordPress blog is the most complicated task for most of the bloggers out there in Blogosphere. But, it’s not no longer be hard to keep their WordPress blogs secure from hackers. Because there are lots of WordPress plugins which enable us to scan as well as they give tips to resolve those security bugs that are exist near in the WordPress blog.