20 Free High-Quality Grotesque Fonts

Grotesque and geometrics sans serifs fonts are dominating the branding landscape for the past few decades. The grotesque font style has seen an jump in popularity over the past few years and designers are coming up with new ways of interpreting this older sans serif style. Here are 20 Free High-Quality Grotesque Fonts you can use in your designs.

15 Free 3D Web Design Tools

Among the other new trends in UI design, 3D elements have also started to take over the scene. Even though 3D elements seem to be quite unusual and odd for websites, these elements are slowly gaining popularity in terms of UI design and are likely to preserve this year. So in this post we`ve collected 15 Free 3D Web Design Tools which helps web designers and developers create 3d graphics and interactive animations with ease.

20 Cool Photoshop Actions to Create Thanos Dust Effect

Thanos swiped half of the galaxy with just a snap of his finger. As the movie has finally hit the theatres, Thanos has unleashed his destructive powers on the web and it is the coolest thing you will see on internet today. The disintegration effect is a technique used in photograph editing in which the user manipulates the image so that it appears as though the subject is disintegrating piece by piece. Actually this is really old effect and it looks really cool. So if you are looking for an easy way to recreate Thanos dust effect, here are 20 cool Photoshop actions that will help you to replicate this unique disintegration effect.

25 Most Exquisite Serif Fonts

A serif is the small extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letters. Some serifs are subtle and others are pronounced and obvious. They are particularly useful for large blocks of text and may not work well in small sizes. So if you are looking for the best serif font collection for your text contents, here is a list of 25 Most Exquisite Serif Fonts that you should check out.