Top 10 Astounding PowerPoint PPT Template Designs To Use in 2019

Let’s face it: most people hate Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, some companies like Amazon have actually banned its use in meetings.

These negative feelings are well-founded after years of audiences being subjected to boring lectures and presentations with bad PowerPoints backing them. Walls of text, presenters reading directly from slides, and distracting animations have created a stigma about using Microsoft PowerPoint.

50 Best Google Slide Templates 2019

Google slide is one of the best online tools to create your business or educational presentations online with either inbuilt google slides templates or professionally customized google templates. It is free for all the users, with the only requirement of a Google account to access this web app. So if you want to create an effective, engaging and memorable presentation with Google slide, this post we`ve collected insanely easy-to-use, mind-blowing Google Slide Templates that you can use for creating stunning presentations. This way you can tackle Google Slide`s constraint and create a beautiful presentation.

26 PowerPoint Templates 2019 for Compelling Presentations

Creating a presentation from scratch is hard work and time-consuming. Templates come with a predesigned look and structure, and you supply the content. It’s good to go and you can customize it later if you plan to reuse it. So here are 26 Powerpoint templates that will help you create presentation slides that effectively get your point across and hold your audience`s attention with ease.

20 Impactful Hand-drawn Powerpoint Templates

Using hand drawn graphics in your presentations can be really helpful to make stunning presentations with a personal touch. If you want to give a unique touch to your presentation, then here are 20 Impactful Hand-drawn Powerpoint Templates that perfect for you. The audience looking at your presentation slides will feel you have sketched out these PowerPoint designs yourself. It will lend an artistic look and feel to your presentation and make you stand out from the crowd.

20 Top-notch Keynote Animation Templates

Animation is the heart and soul of Keynote. Animation keeps your audience interested and focused on your key points. Animation Effects can be applied to pictures or text. A picture can have more than one Animation. Apple Keynote is a very powerful app which allows you to create beautiful slideshows with lots of options for different animations. It also has a stylish design and offers some useful built-in templates. The templates give presentations an innovative dynamic. It has appealing themes, fun animation effects, and smooth transitions. So here are are 20 top-notch Keynote Animation Templates which you can use for presenting your content with style.