40 Excellent Seat Reservation App UI Design Examples

A great user experience can sometimes make the difference between a user that converts into a sale or leaves. Choosing seats is important step in ticket booking. It`s a form that can be used as part of a checkout workflow to allow customers to nominate which seat they wish to book. So if you get stuck and need some inspiration to help keep the creative juices flowing or to rethink the best design solution for seat reservation, here are 40 Excellent Seat Reservation App UI Design Examples to boost your creativity.

18 Inspiring Tattoo Business Card Designs

A business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable if done right. Just like on the website, business cards can be great interactive elements, but with the additional ability to have the texture of real, different materials and shapes. There are no rules for creative card business design, unique, modern, simple, cool.

22 Creative Product Page Design Examples

A product page is where you can add your product images, product description, price and so on. It plays an important role in making your customers take the ultimate decision on whether to buy or not. So if you are looking for inspiration to create or enhance your product page experience to increase ecommerce conversions, here in this post we`ve collected 22 Creative Product Page Design Examples.

22 Really Creative Cookbook Designs

Cookbooks are one of the most fun projects to work on from a design point of view, as there are so many avenues of creative expression, from the typography, to the recipe pages, feature pages, and of course the photography. If you are looking for layout inspiration on your design project, here are 22 Really Creative Cookbook Designs for curious cooks to store all of their handwritten recipes, printed recipe cards and culinary photos.

25 Fantastic Comic-Style Illustrations

Design inspiration comes from many places. Sometimes illustration can be a great source of inspiration. Comic illustration nowadays is a very exciting as new techniques and styles are being explored everyday. So if you are in need of some serious inspiration to create comic-style illustrations and turn them into flyer, poster, t-shirt or web design check out these 25 Fantastic Comic-Style Illustrations that we love on Behance.

40 Remarkable Ecommerce Shopping Cart UI Designs

For an online store, Shopping Cart is arguably the most important pages when it comes to an ecommerce design. Shopping cart is basically a list of items that a user has selected, which they can then review, add and remove as required. It allows shoppers to quickly add products to their cart from any of your product collection lists on your homepage and other pages. So if you are looking for inspiration to create the perfect shopping cart that can capture your customers` love and wallets, here are 40 Remarkable Ecommerce Shopping Cart UI Designs for inspiration.