33 Excellent User Flow Examples For Inspiration

The better you facilitate the user moving from start to finish on a particular process – the easier the product is to work with and the more likely that you are to deliver an awesome user experience. A Userflow is a sequence of steps the user needs to take in order to accomplish a task inside an application or a website. It is a tool created to improve the product user experience and it is also a good tool to show developers how the product works. So in this post we`ve collected 33 Excellent User Flow Examples that you can use as inspiration for organising them into a sitemap or user flow.

36 Awesome Book Cover Designs 2018

You can judge a book by it`s cover – if there’s been care taken with it and it looks professional and enticing, then we can assume the author has also taken care with the content within. And just as an attractive cover draws the eye, a dull cover can cause readers to move on to a more appealing image. Your best chance of making sure people stop to look at your book cover is to make sure it is professionally designed. So if you are looking at ways to spark your creativity, here in this post we’ve put together 36 Book Cover Designs for inspiration.

60 Superb Date Picker & Calendar UI Designs

If you want to provide your users with an opportunity to select dates for a flight or a room, you are likely to use an element called a date picker. Date picker is used to open calendar in a small overlay that lets users pick a date or a range of dates in a few clicks without entering them manually. It is used mainly on web sites or in applications that require users to pick the dates for an event. A poorly designed date entry field or date picker can immediately result in frustration, which may lead to abandoning the entire process. So if you’re looking for date picker style ideas, here are 60 Superb Date Picker & Calendar UI Designs for any type of web form.

40 Interactive Click, Hold & Drag Website Designs

A strong, memorable web design is one of the best ways to stand out. A well-designed click, hold and drag to explore and scroll website can catch people`s attention, cause them to want to look a little longer, and make them remember your site. If it`s used wisely it saves a lot of space and helps in compartmentalising the content on an app. In this post, you`ll find 40 Interactive Click, Hold & Drag Website Designs from both individual web designers and creative studios worldwide.

40 Interesting Examples For Web Form Design 2018

Love it or hate it, the fact is web forms are a necessary part of everyone`s lives. Web forms are at the heart of every online entity. The checkout form is the most important component in an e-commerce site. For a social networks, the Sign Up form is critical to growth. For businesses, the Contact Us form is the source of new leads and opportunities. Here, I’ve rounded up 40 Web Form UI Designs Inspiration 2018 with a wide variety of examples for inspiration to design useful and usable web forms.

41 Cool Architecture & Real Estate Business Card Designs

A nice real estate business cards can make quite the impression on colleagues, clients and customers. It should accurately reflect your business and your brand to anyone who sees it, without detracting from its purpose: providing your contact information. So if you are looking inspiration to create new business card or freshen up old business card, here are 41 Architecture and Real Estate Business Card Designs that you can use for inspiration if you think it might be time for a business card update.