50 Examples Of Stunning Typography In Magazine & Book Designs

Graphic designers use typography in hugely diverse ways, and the results can be incredible. Typography alone can instantly lend a mood to a print design, whether it is paired with images or not. Magazine & book are a great place to showcase more creative typography. So, below are 50 Examples Of Stunning Typography In Magazine & Book Designs for your inspiration.

25 Modern Business Card Designs with Attractive Visual Impact

In the modern world a small piece of paper named “a business card” serves mostly for enlarging the number of useful contacts for your own business. Modern business card design is the proper blend and balance of color, shape, size, illustrations, photographs, and typography. So in this post we are going to showcase 25 Modern Business Card Designs with Attractive Visual Impact for inspiration to create interesting and memorable business cards.

50 Fabulous Black & White Web UI Designs

Color is powerful tool in a web designer`s toolbox. Black and white is a sophisticated and timeless color combination. The combination of black and white has always stood the test of time, no matter the decade or design style. The contrast of black and white with vivid color that really pops such as red or yellow, can help the black and white graphic mugs stand out, and makes the site more fun and interesting to look at. This type of color combination makes a bold visual statement, totally in web design. To help you pick the best color scheme for your website, here are 50 Fabulous Black & White Web UI Designs for inspiration.

Showcase of 27 Halftone Designs

Halftones are dots of varying sizes & densities placed on top of a solid color so to a viewer standing further away, the colors appear to blend together. When used in graphic design or illustration, this can create a really interesting effect, and can be used for shading, shadows, or simply for a slightly unusual texture. They are most often used in printing to fake gradients. They have found their way into iconic design and illustration because of their unique look, regardless of the application. So in this post we`ve collected some examples for inspiration to create stunning halftone designs.

35 Coolest Gig Flyer & Poster Design Templates

Gig posters and flyers have a big job to do. They act as a calling card and a sly promotional tool. They somehow transform music into indelible images. They conjure memories of an unforgettable show or favorite song every time you look at them. So whether you are looking for a gig flyer and poster template to promote an upcoming concert or doing music and gig posters, this is also a great little asset for inspiration, here are 35 of our favorite selections.

25 Amazing Retro & Vintage Brand Designs

As we know that retro and vintage design are considered as outdated. They were thought to be extinct, but in this decade, the design trend has taken over several industries with businesses wanting to create a vintage brand identity. Every day, we find impressive logo collections with old-school styles. In fact, vintage design elements are paired with modern graphic elements to create a new look. So in this post we`ve gathered 25 Amazing Retro & Vintage Brand Designs that all have an authentic retro and vintage style for inspiration.